How to Play Skull and Bones Beta? Is There an Open Beta Available?

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Do you want to know how and if you can play Skull and Bones Beta? Read on and find out.

We don’t have to wait for long for the new Ubisoft’s pirate game to be released. We are all gearing up and sharpening our cutlasses to sail the seas in search of adventure and infamy. Skull and Bones is bringing a lot to the table, from customizable ships, sea monsters, the option to plunder coastal towns and forts, and even sea shanties that your crew will be singing while sailing. Note that you’ll be able to experience all of this with your buddies on your side, as the game will feature co-op multiplayer. We just can’t wait for the official release. But can we try out the game a little earlier? Let’s see how to play Skull and Bones beta.

How to Play Skull and Bones Beta?

We just had an Open Beta, and it ended yesterday. Since the official release of Skull and Bones is just in a couple of days, we can safely say that was the last Beta prior to the release. However, players that have Early Access will be able to start playing as of tomorrow, since it takes off on February 13.

Again, concerning Betas, that was the last one.

Skull and Bones – Standard Edition, Xbox Series X
  • Engage in thrilling naval battles and equip a multitude of powerful weapons as you risk it all for the biggest loot.
  • Sail the lawless seas solo, or team up with two friends or other players to partake in shareable contracts and rewards.
  • Face cutthroat pirate hunters, deadly sea monsters, unpredictable weather, dangerous rogue waves, supernatural threats, and more as you explore a vast open world.
  • Craft and sail up to 10 different ships at launch, each with unique perks to match your own personal playstyle.
  • Grow your infamy and unlock resources and opportunities to get riskier contracts and upgrade your equipment.

Last Open Beta Information

  • Access: open to everyone
  • Platforms: PC (Ubisoft Connect & Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox series X/S
  • Preload: February 06, 2024, 1am (PT) / February 06, 2024, 10am (CET) / February 06, 2024, 8pm (AET)
  • Start: February 07, 2024, 6pm (PT) / February 08, 2024, 3am (CET) / February 08, 2024, 1pm (AET)
  • End: February 11, 2024, 3pm (PT) / February 12, 2024, 12am (CET) / February 12, 2024, 10am (AET)
  • Infamy Cap: Tier 6 Rank 1 / Brigand
  • Cross-progression & Cross-play enabled.
  • Progression carried over at launch.
  • Language: (Include all languages supported at launch.) EN, AR, ES, JP, PT, TCH, SCH, DE, FR, KR, ES, IT, PL

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