How to Add Friends and Create a Party in Once Human?

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Because the newest survival game, Once Human, is a multiplayer game, this gives players the option of playing with friends. Additionally, players can band up in a party and face all the roaming monsters and other players with the help of trusted companions. Continue reading to find out how to add friends and create a party in Once Human. 

How to Add Friends in Once Human

Playing with others is the backbone of multiplayer survival games, and it’s always better to face the horrors and monsters that roam the world of Once Human with trusted friends by your side. Luckily, adding friends in Once Human is an easy task that does not take much of the player’s time.

  • To add a friend in Once Human, press “Esc” and select Social to enter the Social Menu.
  • In the new menu screen, select Friends, which will bring players to a new screen where they can use Contacts to add friends.
  • Type your friend’s name in the search bar, making sure to use the correct capitalization, and press “Enter”
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Once your friend’s name shows up beneath the search bar, use a + sign next to their name, which will send them a friend request. When the request is accepted, the friend will be added to your in-game friend list.

Alternatively, you can add Friends by standing next to them. This method is a little simpler, but it requires that a player that you want to add as a friend is standing right next to you. Approach the player in question and press the Z button. This will open up their “menu”, where you have some options concerning that player, and there you will see the Add Friend button. Once you do so, you will get more friend-related options, like Trade and so on.

Once Human friend options
You can add friends directly in the game by approaching them. Image via N4G Unlocked

How to Create a Party in Once Human

After players finish with the tutorial, they will land in the hostile open world of Once Human. Moreover, now they will be able to form parties with their friend and take on the challenges of the game together. However, before creating a party, there are some requirements players need to meet.

All players need to be on the same server, so make sure that a server type is chosen before starting the game. Although players can change worlds on the same server, they all need to be on the same server to create a party.

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Once all the players are on the same server, they can create a party, or in this case, a Hive. Moreover, Hives can contain up to four players and can be created using the Social Menu, mentioned above. To add players to your Hive, simply use your friends list or search for specific players using a search bar. Additionally, as the game progresses, players will be able to bring more people to their party. Eventually, they will be able to create a Warband, which consists of six Hives.

Screenshot of a party screen
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