Is Elden Ring Still Good in 2023?

Protagonist of Elden Ring looking at tree.

Elden Ring won several Game of the Year awards in 2022 and has made its mark on the gaming community. It was a delight for diehard Fromsoft fans and introduced many new players to the Dark Souls formula. With that in mind and after the hype, many new players may wonder if the game is still worth trying out.

This guide will discuss the state of Elden Ring in 2023 and the future plans Fromsoft has for the IP.

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Is Elden Ring Good?

If you’re a fan of Fromsoft titles like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, Elden Ring should definitely be on your list of games to add to your collection. It’s an open-world expansion on the basic Dark Souls formula and allows a lot of freedom regarding how you tackle it. You can specialize your build into any class you like, such as a Mage, Paladin, Warrior, Samurai, or a mix of any other classes. The weapon variety and movesets also add to this freedom of choice, making Elden Ring a highly customizable experience.

The game features beautiful and exotic locations such as the City of Nokron and the Lava Manor. Plus, the addition of our trusty steed Torrent makes exploration and overworld traversal fun. The game is also sectioned into dungeon-like areas reminiscent of the classic Soulsborne design. So we get the best of both worlds with Elden Ring.

Is Elden Ring Worth It?

Regardless of when you purchase the game, you will get a good amount of playtime. The average Elden Ring run takes anywhere between 50 to 90 hours which is a lot of content for anyone investing their money into Elden Ring, even in 2023. Furthermore, if you are a completionist, you can look forward to a solid 130 hours of gameplay to get all the endings and fully explore all the areas.  

All that discounts the online and PvP aspect of the game, which is still alive and well and can provide you with many more hours of exciting gameplay.

Should I Play Elden Ring in 2023?

Despite primarily being a single-player game, Elden Ring continues to enjoy a lot of popularity. It has a consistently decent player count averaging around 65k players when writing this article. With the new DLC and updates around the corner, we are excited to see how this player count will increase.

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Is Elden Ring Still Getting Updates?

Luckily, Elden Ring is still getting lots of updates, with the Shadow of the Erdtree being the latest announced DLC. It is set to be a large DLC that will add brand-new areas, enemies, and many more hours of content. 

We also got the Colosseum DLC back in December 2022, which added some fun new game modes. The Colosseum DLC reignited the PvP community for Elden Ring and introduced several new balance changes to make it more fair and fun. 

With all this being said, Elden Ring still holds up as a solid title in 2023 and is definitely worth the purchase. With all the upcoming DLC content coming up, there’s good reason to pick it up.


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