Does Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Have Any New Trophies and Achievements?

Sceenshot of a character transforming in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

The Shadow of the Erdtree is upon us, and players are wondering if the Elden Ring’s DLC comes with new Trophies and Achievements. What will be included in this highly anticipated DLC has been the talk in the community since it was announced. Because Elden Ring has some of the hardest trophies and achievements to get out of any game on the market, it is only natural to wonder about the potential new challenges in Shadow of the Erdtree. 

Moreover, getting into the Shadow of the Erdtree is a challenge in itself, and it should be a trophy. Expecting new achievements is something that we are used to, but considering previous titles from FromSoftware, we might be disappointed this time. So let’s find out does Shadow of the Erdtree brings any new trophies and achievements to the game.   

Are There New Achievements and Trophies in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Sadly, the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC does not come with any new Achievements or Trophies. This might be a problem for all players who play games to grind achievements, but it comes as no surprise. Developers FromSoftware are famous for not adding new trophies or achievements to their DLCs. This means that not including new achievements is an intentional decision and just continues a long tradition. 

Although Shadow of the Erdtree does not bring any new achievements to unlock, DLC brings a massive amount of content. Additionally, getting into the DLC requires players to defeat a couple of Bosses and reach a hidden area. So reaching the DLC content can be considered an achievement in itself. However, once Shadow of the Erdtree is reached, it offers players new areas to explore and even harder Bosses to battle. Playing through all this content will keep you entertained for hours and it might take days to finish. Even so, enjoying the game is the only reward Shadow of the Erdtree offers, and that can be quite enough.

protagonist looking at a colosseum in Elden Ring
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