Helldivers 2 All Release Platforms

helldivers 2 screenshot on PS5

Looking for all of the release platforms for the upcoming Helldivers 2? Read on and we will share all platforms the game will be released on day one of the launch. A sequel to the Arrowhead Game Studios hit from 2015, Helldivers 2 bring some big changes to the gameplay. 

This time around, you will take on enemies of Managed Democracy from a third-person view, unlike the previous game where you fought bugs and cyborgs from a top-down perspective. On the other hand, glorious co-op is returning and you will have the option of teaming up with three friends. Together you will take on missions during the Galactic War to protect Super Earth from alien threats.

Furthermore, to accomplish this you have an arsenal of weapons and gadgets at your disposal, along with returning Stratagems. These powerful airdrops can be selected to suit your playstyle and can be used both offensively and defensively. Just keep in mind that the friendly fire is always turned on when you are using Strategems and other weapons.

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  • BECOME A LEGEND – You will be assembled into squads of up to four Helldivers and assigned strategic missions. Watch each other’s back – friendly fire is an unfortunate certainty of war, but victory without teamwork is impossible.
  • LOADOUTS – Rain down freedom from above, sneak through enemy territory, or grit your teeth and charge head-first into the jaws of combat. How you deliver liberty is your choice; you’ll have access to a wide array of explosive firepower, life-saving armour and battle-changing stratagems… the jewel in every Helldiver’s arsenal.
  • REQUISITION – Super Earth recognises your hard work with valuable Requisition. Use it to access different rewards that benefit you, your squad, your destroyer ship and our overall war effort.
  • THREATS – Everything on every planet wants you dead. That’s what we’re dealing with. Each enemy has distinct and unpredictable characteristics, tactics, and behaviour – but they all fight ferociously and without fear or morality.

All Helldivers 2 Release Platforms

In December 2020, Arrowhead Game Studios announced that they are working on a sequel to their hit game, Helldivers. Furthermore, the original game was first released as a PlayStation exclusive and the game was released on PC at a later date.

This time around the game will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam on the same day. While the game will be available for the PC crowd from day one, it seems that it will retain some of its console exclusivity.

Are Helldivers 2 going to be released on Xbox?

No, it seems that Helldivers 2 is not going to be released for the Xbox platform. Just like its predecessor, Helldivers 2 is most likely going to stay a PlayStation exclusive. This is sad news for owners of the Microsoft consoles, and there is little chance that this will change in the future. However, if that changes, we will be sure to update you on the development.

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