Fortnite – What are Hot Spots? Explained

Fortnite characters battle in the streets of Mega City

Are you wondering what are Hot Spots in Fortnite? We got your back, read this article to find out what they are.

In Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, the goal is, unsurprisingly, to defeat everyone and be the last player standing. You have a plethora of weapons at your disposal, not to mention various items and consumables to help you do that. You can find those loot items all over the Island, mostly on the floor, in chests, or supply drops. There is a special location in Fortnite called Hot Spots. They were reintroduced recently, but for those who are unfamiliar with them, let’s see what that is all about. Let’s see what are Hot Spots in Fortnite.

What are Hot Spots in Fortnite?

Hot Spots are special locations in Fortnite Battle Royale that offer better loot than others. You can find them on your map by looking for locations written in gold letters. That means that Supply Drones will be flying over these locations, and shooting them down offers better loot than in other locations. Allegedly, three separate locations in every match will be turned into Hot Spots.

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Hot Spots Rundown

Be careful when looking for Hot Spots, as they are the same for everyone. Expect that your opponents have the same idea as you, and want to reach them as soon as possible.

In these Hot Spots you will find Supply Drones flying about, and shooting down will typically give you a higher-quality weapon and a healing item. Be aware that shooting down a Drone may reveal your location to any opponents that are also there.

Maybe the best strategy is to go in, take what you can, and get out. On the other hand, you can be the one laying an ambush. Find a good spot, and wait for other players to come to you. Wait for them to shoot down a Drone to reveal themselves, gun them down, take their loot, and repeat.

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