Fortnite Community Thinks Surfboards Should Be Back for the Summer Event

Image of Fortnite surfboard in summer event.

A Summer Event in Fortnite looked like a perfect opportunity to get surfboards back into the game. At least that’s how a good portion of the community feels. While there are some new activities to do during the event, the players feel like it’s not enough. While there were no hints of surfboards featuring during the event, fans speculate that this was the perfect opportunity to bring them back.

Fortnite Community Laments That There Were No Surfboards During the Summer Event

Big parts of the Fortnite community on Reddit are disappointed with the Summer Escape event. From complaints about lack of LTMs and content, to something as simple as surfboards. This point was brought up by Nottrey406 in a Reddit thread.

You may be wondering why surfboards of all things? Casting our memories back, surfboards were added during Chapter 2: Season 6 and the “14 Days of Summer” event. They were a huge hit with the players at the time but were never seen again except in the Creative mode.

It’s plain to see why this summer event would’ve been the perfect opportunity to bring them back. As JamieDrone puts it “I thought we were getting surfboards and Choppas.” There’s a worry that Epic doesn’t really invest in events like they used to, or at least the gameplay aspects. “Epic doesn’t care about seasonal events anymore I guess,” says Nebula_Waffles, and many other players echo the sentiment.

As usual, the conversation soon turned to LTMs, or rather, the lack thereof. “Wish we could get LTMs for the event. Doesn’t even have to be new ones. Just rotate Unvaulted, Close Encounters, stuff like that.” 

Some commenters offer a more reasonable explanation, though it’s no less painful to hear. “While I do agree that this and last year’s summer events have been lazy and overall boring, do keep in mind Epic’s employees are taking a two-week break this entire summer event. It’s not like they can just magically make it be like the original 14 days of summer all the way back in season 9. […]” explains Global-Ambassador-39 in a longer comment.

While that makes sense, there’s no escaping the feeling that Summer Escape was a wasted opportunity. Wouldn’t it be great to surf through the jungle rivers, watching raptors on the shore? 

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