These Fortnite Skins Are 50% Cheaper for a Limited Time

Fortnite skin bundle discounts

Several bundles of Fortnite skins and cosmetics are getting a discount soon. Who doesn’t like discounts, right? Players will soon be able to get their hands on some great skins at half the price. Of course, as with all such offers, the discount is going to be available for only a limited amount of time. Let’s check all the details about these discounted skin bundles.

Several Fortnite Skin Bundles Are Getting 50% Discounts

The discounts have been leaked via iFireMonkey on Twitter. According to the leak in the tweet, there will be four bundles getting 50% off in the store. However, the sale will last until 8 pm ET (or 1 am BST) on August 15.

The four skin bundles and their discounted prices include:

  • Magma Masters Pack, discounted from $14.99 to $7.49.
  • Lava Legends Pack, discounted from $14.99 to $7.49.
  • Summer Legends Pack, discounted from $14.99 to $7.49.
  • Dark Reflections Pack, discounted from $14.99 to $7.49.

The fans are looking forward to getting the bundles at a discount. When the sale does happen, many consider that some of the best original skins will be available for those who don’t have them yet. However, it’s still unclear when the sale would begin. Judging by the reported end date and history, the sale could last for two weeks, marking August 1 as the likely start date.

While most are happy, there are those who had hoped that this sale meant the return of the Travis Scott bundle too. This isn’t an unfounded hope, as there were already rumours about the skin returning at some point.

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