Can You Romance Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Answered

Cloud and Tifa face an enemy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebith

Wondering if you can romance Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? You’re not alone. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this fan-favorite character and whether you’ll have the choice to bring her relationship with Cloud to fruition.

The release date for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is just around the corner, marking the second installment in the Remake saga from Square Enix. The upcoming entry features familiar characters in a newly open world alongside a handful of quality-of-life improvements, like improved graphics and even greater combat mechanics. As you follow Cloud and company on a reimagined journey, it becomes tough to ignore the depth of his bond with Tifa — a pairing most beloved by longtime fans. So, can you romance Tifa in FF7 Rebirth? Here’s what we know ahead of launch.

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Can You Romance Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Ahead of the game’s launch, it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether you can romance Tifa in Final fantasy 7 Rebirth. Tifa has long been considered Cloud’s love interest throughout the series, so it would certainly make sense for Square Enix to implement this option. That said, characters weren’t romanceable in the last installment to the saga, Remake Intergrade. With this in mind, the possibility of this feature remains up in the air until the full game’s release next week.

In the meantime, players are free to unpack the apparent angst between Tifa and Cloud throughout the game’s many trailers. The pairing, referred to as “Cloti” by fans, has been at the center of theories about the possibility to romance characters since FF7 Rebirth was first announced during Summer Game Fest 2023. However, the speculation reached its peak when a trailer was released soon after, as Sephiroth narrated a scene of Tifa in Nibelheim.

While it’s been made clear that Cloud and Tifa share a bond, we’ll need to wait a see if players will be given the option to bring their relationship to fruition in FF7 Rebirth.

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