Does Diablo 4 Have a Battle Pass?

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The battle pass has become one of the most pervasive aspects of gaming monetization. It feels like most games anymore attempt some kind of live service aspect, in an attempt to add a battle pass to their list of income streams. Many are wondering does Diablo 4 have a Battle Pass.

This guide will go over the battle pass in Diablo 4, including whether or not it has one, how much it would cost, what players stand to gain, and whether or not the battle pass is available for free. In this way, all players can know what they’re getting into as far as extra incentives for Diablo 4.

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Will a Battle Pass Be a Part of Diablo 4?

Yes, Diablo 4 does have a battle pass.

Is the Diablo 4 Battle Pass Free?

There is a free tier of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass.

However, many of the cosmetic rewards are locked behind enhanced versions of the battle pass that require payment. These battle passes are called the Premium and Accelerated Battle Passes.

How to Get the Diablo 4 Battle Pass

Players will automatically have access to the free battle pass at the start of a season. The other two will be purchasable from the in-game store.

To get access to the Premium battle pass, players will have to pay a one-time payment of 9.99 USD.

To get access to the Accelerated battle pass, players will have to pay a one-time payment of 24.99 USD.

What Does the Diablo 4 Battle Pass Get You?

The free battle pass has 27 tiers and will reward players with several cosmetic items, as well as Smoldering Ash. This material can be traded in for XP and gold boosts for players’ seasonal characters.

The Premium battle pass sports 63 more tiers which include several cosmetic outfits for each class that match the theme of each season, as well as a healthy amount of Platinum. Platinum is the currency accepted in the game’s cosmetic shop and can be spent on new outfits, or saved to use to cover some of the cost of the next battle pass.

The Accelerated battle pass doesn’t come with further reward tiers but instead offers players 20 tier skips and a special cosmetic. This option will give players with less free time a much higher chance of completing the entirety of the battle pass.

How Long Does a Diablo 4 Battle Pass Last?

Diablo 4 battle passes will last around three months.

Diablo 4 will follow the season system that many live service games use at current. Seasons will last around three months, offering additional content and balancing, while also requiring players to make new characters specific to each season. These seasons will each have their own battle pass, with rewards that match the theme and tone of each season, and each battle pass will mirror the length of the season.

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