How to Use Aspects in Diablo 4

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Are you wondering how to use your hard-won Aspects in Diablo IV? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Aspects.

Diablo 4 has introduced many new power systems to the series to broaden the number of builds players can use, and one of the biggest of these is the Aspect system. By unlocking Aspects throughout a player’s travels throughout Sanctuary they’ll be able to add legendary style passives to gear. These passives can be either general or class-specific, meaning there will be tons of options to choose from and experiment with.

Given that Aspects, once unlocked, are available to any character on the realm, players will quickly build up a selection of them to choose from for whatever character they choose to play on a given day. As such, knowing how to use them will be paramount.

This guide will walk players through unlocking Aspects, imprinting them, and extracting them from existing pieces of gear. This way, for whatever character a player is using, they’ll know how to get the most out of the possible Aspects out there regardless of whether they play a Necromancer, Sorcerer, Druid, Rogue, or Barbarian.

How Do You Get Aspects in Diablo 4?

There are two ways to acquire Aspects:

  • Clearing Dungeons
  • Salvaging Legendary Items

To start collecting Aspects, players must have reached either level 25 or acquired the Codex of Power. The Codex of Power can be acquired by completing a dungeon, so players will likely have access to Aspects well before level 25.

Every time a player completes a Dungeon they are granted an Aspect as a reward. Players can see which Aspect they will earn by mousing over the Dungeons on the map. These Aspects will be added to a player’s Codex of Power, which makes the Aspects available for every character a player has on that realm.

Players can also get Aspects by Salvaging Legendary pieces of gear. You will get materials for the item itself and the Aspect (and its roll) will be automatically added to your Codex of Power. If you salvage an item that has a better roll of the same Aspect, it will automatically replace the weaker version that you already have.

Placing an Aspect on a Legendary item will simply replace the Aspect currently available on the item while placing an Aspect on a Rare item will make it Legendary. This means that placing Aspects on Rare items of a significantly higher power level than your current Legendary items will be the way to go.

Image of the Occultist Imprint Aspect crafting menu in Diablo 4.
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How Do You Imprint an Aspect on an Item in Diablo 4?

To imprint an Aspect on an item, players will need to visit an Occultist, and then pay both gold and Veiled Crystals to have an Aspect imprinted on an item. These can give mobility, utility, offensive skills, movement speed bonuses, critical strikes, second cooldown, and more.

The first Occultist players will find themselves coming into contact with is located in Kyovashad in the northwest portion of town. They have their emblem on the minimap that looks like an occult totem.

Once players have interacted with the Occultist and accessed the imprint menu, they will simply need to select the item they wish to imprint, select the Aspect they are imprinting either from their codex of power or their inventory, and then pay the fee. Aspects can be placed on Amulets, Gloves, Pants, Helms, Boots, Shields, and other gear.

The fee for imprinting is a fair amount of gold and Veiled Tokens. Veiled tokens can be gained from salvaging items of Rare of higher quality, so players will end up gaining some throughout the gameplay if they stay on top of salvaging extra gear.

Aspects are a great way to gain more power. They can Fortify, give you Thorns, give bonus damage, damage distant enemies, give you damage reduction to physical damage and magic damage, increase the damage of your next core skill, buff minions, give you Fury Generation, and even more.

How Do You Extract an Aspect From an Item in Diablo 4?

To extract an Aspect, players will simply bring the legendary piece of equipment with the Aspect they’d like to extract to a Blacksmith. Open the Salvage menu and select the Legendary item, then click Salvage.

The Legendary item will be broken down, you will get materials for it and the Aspect will automatically be added to your Codex.

With this information, players should have all the knowledge they need to collect and use Aspects. Given how powerful some Aspects can be, it makes sense that players would want to continue with builds built around them, even as they level up, and very much so on hardcore characters. This will allow people more freedom while leveling and should result in a very rewarding experience for all players.


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