Diablo 4 How to Get a Free Pet

Diablo 4 barbarian petting a dog

The day has finally come –  you can have pets in Diablo. Read this article to see how to get a free pet in Diablo 4.

As you know, Diablo is a gritty, dark fantasy, hack-and-slash game. With undead monsters, demons, and clever-wielding infernal Bosses, there isn’t much room for cuteness. The closest we got was the Seneschal Companions, in Season 3: Season of the Consruct. But now, the unthinkable has happened. Diablo 4 added an option to have your own furry companions. They can even help you out during your adventures. Moreover, the first Pet that you can have is absolutely free. Let’s see where you can find it, keep reading to see how to get a free Pet in Diablo 4.

How to Get a Free Pet in Diablo 4

Before the new Expansion for Diablo 4 hit, we all have the opportunity to get a free Pet, right now. The Pet in question is a brown dog called Asheara the Canine. Let’s see a step-by-step guide to how to claim your first Diablo 4 furry friend.

  1. Once you have updated your Diablo 4 client to the latest version, a new Priority Quest will automatically appear in Kyovashad, called “Faithful Companion”.
  2. Follow the Quest marker, until you find a Well Behaved Dog. Initiate a conversation with it, and select the only option available there – “Who’s a good dog?”
  3. After this brief but meaningful conversation, Asheara will be added to your Wardrobe.
  4. Open your Wardrobe and you will see that a new Pets tab appeared. There select your new friend as your pet, and a new furry companion will be at your side.
Diablo 4 dog asheara
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In the Pets tab, you will also see more pets that will become available with the new Vessel of Hatred DLC.

What Does the Pet Do?

Besides improving the game with their presence and being faithful companions, pets actually have an in-game purpose. Pets help you out by picking up Gold and Materials from the ground. No more will you have to click on each and every item that drops from a Chest, or worry about accurately clicking an item on the ground to quickly pick it up, while being chased by hordes of demons, or Bosses. You will have your trusty companion to do it for you. 

Just remember to pet it afterwards.


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