Cities Skylines 2: All Available Maps

An overview of a map in Cities Skylines 2.

Are you looking to find out which maps you can play on in Cities Skylines 2? Our list includes all officially released maps for the city-building game.

Colossal Order stated that they took inspiration from real-world locations as they aim to provide their players “a diverse set of maps with varied amounts of interesting scenery.” These maps range from vast plains to mountainous terrain. Each will test how creative players can get in planning their dream city. To that end, here are the starting maps that you can play in Colossal Order’s city-builder sequel, Cities Skylines 2.

Cities Skylines 2 All Default Maps

Windy Fjords – As the name of the map suggests, the map’s main features are its various inlets that are surrounded by cliffs.

Waterway Pass – The map’s playable area is in between two massive mountain ranges. Rivers, train tracks, and highways are laid across the play area as these lead to Outside Connections.

Twin Mountain – The devs took inspiration from Iceland’s coastline and features a massive mountain range. There’s a river across the map that leads toward the ocean. The map also showcases beaches that are good jump-off points for sea travel.

Sweeping Plains – This Canterbury plains-inspired map boasts an extensive grassland where players can readily build their city. A wide coastline is also present on this map alongside a picturesque mountain range.

Cities: Skylines II – Xbox Series X
  • Deep Simulation: Make choices that have ripple effects across the city. Intricate AI and economic systems mean players will need to strategize, problem solve and react to changes, challenges and opportunities.
  • Epic Scale, Endless Possibilities: Build a thriving metropolis without compromise. In Cities: Skylines II, players will be able to build sky-high and across the map to realize their dream city like never before.
  • Cities That Come Alive: Follow the lives of individual citizens, from love and loss to wealth and well-being. Player decisions will shape the lives of their city’s citizens.
  • A Dynamic World: Pick a map to set the climate and biome of the city. These natural forces will shape the growth of players’ cities as they contend with rising pollution, changeable weather and seasonal challenges.
  • English (Playback Language)

River Delta – Rivers fill the map resulting in numerous sea connections. Further, the diversity of its terrain best suits city planners who are up for the challenge.

Mountain Village – Inspired by cities along the Swiss Alps, the map showcases a valley that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. However, there’s no sea connection on this type of map.

Lakeland – The map’s name is pretty much a given. The lakes on this map will be instantly noticed alongside some small islands filled with lush greenery and forest canopies.

Great Highlands – Inspired by Scotland’s Highlands region, the expanse of the mountain ranges here is its main feature. Lochs – which are long, narrow, and deep lakes can also be seen here alongside highways and train tracks that run along the coast and between mountains.

Barrier Island – The map consists of several islands most of which possess flat terrain. Players can easily build their structure here without manipulating/converting the terrain too much.

Archipelago Haven – Bodies of water dominate this map making it challenging for most city planners. Despite being a challenge, the map gives players easy access to Outside Connections using railways, highways, shipping routes, and airways.

Are there going to be new maps in Cities Skylines 2?

While it is too early to tell, it is safe to assume that new maps will be added to the game. Just like in the first game, new official maps are expected to be released along with Cities Skylines 2 DLC content. Besides official maps, players will have access to user-created maps once the Workshop becomes available for the game.

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