Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Remove Parasites: 8 Different Cures You Can Try

Image of Astarion facing goblins in Baldur's Gate 3.

Fighting off hordes of goblins and orcs is easy, but what about a mind-altering parasite that turns you into a Mindflayer? The central story of Baldur’s Gate 3 quest revolves around how to remove the parasites that threaten your party. This is the next obstacle presented to you after getting off the Nautiloid Wreckage, your player is infected by the Illithid tadpole parasite. We’re going to tell you which methods you can attempt while avoiding several traps and debuffs.

Ways to Remove Parasites in Baldur’s Gate 3 – Finding the Cure

  1. Ask the druid healer Nettie
  2. Ask Auntie Ethel
  3. Ask the Goblin Priestess
  4. Ask Volo
  5. Converse with Omeluum
  6. Visit the Githyanki Crèche
  7. Ask the druid Halsin
  8. Accept Raphael’s offer

During the quest, you’ll be guided towards a number of different people who claim to be able to remove your parasite. Some may ask for something in return, while others will try to poison you. Either way, remember that none of these methods work and will usually only set you back.

Image of one of the parasites party tries to remove in Baldur's Gate 3.
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How to Remove the Illithid Tadpole Parasites in Baldur’s Gate 3

There is currently no way to remove the Illithid Tadpole parasites in Baldur’s Gate 3. The twist is that once you start this ‘Remove the Parasite’ quest, you’re offered several different options to choose from. How your story progresses ahead is up to you with what options you choose and how lucky you are.

The majority of the story of BG3 revolves around the Illithid Tadpole, so having a simple way to remove it would be counterproductive to the story.

How to Ask Nettie to Remove the Parasites

When travelling to the Inner Sanctum, you’ll find a Druid healer named Nettie. After telling Nettie about the parasite and asking for her help, she gestures to you to follow her into a room. There, she offers you poison in the guise of a cure. However, you can talk her out of it by using the Persuasion Check on the condition that you promise to kill yourself if you start to turn. To that end, she offers you a Wyvern Toxin to do the deed when the time comes.

How to Get Auntie Ethel to Remove the Parasites

Auntie Ethel is a Green Hag that resides in the Riverside Teahouse in Sunlit Wetlands. Upon telling her about your parasite, she is confident she can remove it. But she requests your eye in exchange for removing the parasite. If you follow this path, she will fail to remove the parasite, and you will lose an eye permanently in the process. This will lead to a permanent debuff for your character called Paid the Price. This debuff gives you +1 to Intimidation, but also a disadvantage on Perception checks and on attacks against Hags.

How to Ask the Goblin Priestess to Remove the Parasites

When you reach the Goblin Camp with the Goblin Sazza in your company, you can ask the Goblin Priestess to help you remove the parasite. However, she won’t remove the parasite because she has one herself. Instead, Sazza will turn hostile and imprison you in the Defiled Temple in the name of the Absolute. Similarly, she will offer you a brew meant to help you, which instead turns out to contain a Sleep effect. The result is the same, however.

How to Get Volo to Remove the Parasites

After rescuing him from Goblin Camp and he joins your camp, Volo is another option you can go to. He says that he can remove the parasite. If you accept, he will begin a rather questionable medical procedure. He also fails, resulting in a loss of your eye. To make up for it, he gives you Volo’s Ersatz Eye as a replacement. This special item gives you a permanent See Invisibility ability, which allows you to see Invisible enemies.

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How to Ask Omeluum to Remove the Parasites

Perhaps the best possible option is to converse with Omeluum, a Mindflayer himself residing in the Myconid Colony in the Underdark. Omeluum can communicate with the infective larva for a price. Once you get him the ingredients he asks for (Tongue of Madness and Timmask Spores) and drink his potion, he will communicate with the larva, but fail to remove it. However, he offers you a Ring of Psionic Protection that should protect you from further damage from the larva. However, the ring also dampens the psionic abilities granted by the tadpole.

How to Remove the Parasites at the Githyanki Crèche

If you listen to Lae’zel and seek out the Githyanki Crèche, you will have another chance to try to remove the parasite. Travelling to the Mountain Pass and visiting Rosymorn Monastery leads you to Crèche Y’llek, where a githyanki in the Infirmary offers the procedure to remove the parasite. A character has to enter the Zaith’Isk device that purifies the host. However, the purification method results in the character’s death, meaning it’s not a good solution to be able to continue the adventure. You will have the chance to escape the device after succeeding in three separate checks. Successfully passing all checks can get you the Awakened buff, which allows you to cast your Tadpole powers as a Bonus action.

How to Get Halsin to Remove the Parasites

After rescuing the druid Halsin from the Goblin Camp, he will be grateful enough to offer his assistance. After studying your parasite, however, he will admit that removal is outside of his capabilities and that answers lie in Moonrise Towers. Thankful for his rescue, Halsin will join your camp and be available as a companion.

How to Remove the Parasites by Accepting Raphael’s Deal

While adventuring in Act 1 wilderness areas after dealing with the Grove issue, you will encounter a richly dressed figure who invites you for a chat. It turns out that this person is a devil in disguise, Raphael. He offers a devilish bargain – he will remove the parasite, if you offer your soul to him and do his bidding. After that, he promises to visit you again to cement the deal, but that resolution doesn’t come around until Act 3. Ultimately, Raphael is also unable to remove the parasite, and the price he asks can be catastrophic for the world.

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