All Fortnite Competitive Modes and Details in Chapter 4, Season 2

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Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games to date, with a highly competitive online community and brand-new features introduced each season. Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 is live, and Epic Games has brought a lot to the table.

Let’s go over the details for all competitive modes and details in Chapter 4, Season 2.

What Are the Competitive Modes in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2?

In a March 10 blog post made by the Fortnite team, all details regarding competitive play for the new season were covered.

According to this post, we will see the following competitive modes in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 in the form of Arenas:

  • Solo Battle Royale Arena
  • Duos Battle Royale Arena
  • Trios Battle Royale Arena

The Fortnite Team also notes that your Hype will be reset back to 0 with the launch of the new season. However, eligible players can compete in cash-prized tournaments by reaching Contender Rank.

To be eligible to compete in FNCS Major 2, Fortnite players must reach Champion League in Battle Royale Arena.

In contrast, Zero Build Competitions will be open to all players regardless of Arena ranking.

FNCS Major 2 Details

Starting April 13, 2023, Fortnite players can participate in the FNCS Major 2 with Duos partners.

However, the Fortnite Team notes that they will not be using a Divisional Cup system, as they want to encourage more players to compete. The previous system may return in the future.

The schedules for the FNCS Major 2 competitions are as follows:

  • Week 1: April 13 to 16 (Three days of competition)
  • Week 2: April 20 to 23 (Three days of competition)
  • Week 3: April 27 to 30 (Three days of competition)
  • Surge Week: May 5 to 7 (Two days, last chance to qualify)
  • Grand Finals: May 12 to 14 (Two days of competition)

All Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 Competitions

According to the Fortnite Team, these are the details for this season’s upcoming competition.

Fill Cups

Trios Zero Build Fill Cups will be held on Wednesdays, while Duos Battle Royale Fill Cups will occur on Saturdays.

You will be paired with a new teammate of a similar skill level for each match, so if you’d like to play with friends, make sure to set your teammates before competing.

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Victory Cash Cups

Returning this season, Victory Cash Cups will take place on Sundays. You can compete in Solo Battle Royales and Trios Zero Builds for these competitions.

With each Victory Royale, you’ll earn a cash prize.

PlayStation Cup

Starting tomorrow, March 24, PlayStation players will be able to participate in the PlayStation Qualifier Cups. The second competition will be held the following day, March 25.

The top 50 highest-scoring players will qualify for the PlayStation Cup Finals on March 26, and earn their share of a $230,200 grand prize.

The Fortnite Team also notes that players who earn at least 8 points in a Qualifier Cup will be rewarded with the Quadricateral Spray.

Cash Cups

Battle Royale Cash cups are also coming back this season.

With Duos partners, Fortnite players can compete in two rounds of weekly Battle Royale competitions, with the first rounds taking place on Fridays and the second rounds starting on Saturdays.

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Fortnite Collegiate Cup

Fortnite Collegiate Cups will be held exclusively for college students in the US and Canada, offering cash prizes and in-game rewards.

Two of these competitions will be held, the first beginning in March and the second in April. Here are the schedules for the Collegiate Cups:

March Collegiate Cup

  • Qualifier 1: March 16
  • Qualifier 2: March 23
  • Finals: March 30

April Collegiate Cup

  • Qualifier 1: April 11
  • Qualifier 2: April 18
  • Finals: April 25

To compete, you will need to register and verify your student status. You must also submit your current school transcripts and be 18 years or older to participate in the Collegiate Cups, according to the Fortnite Team.

Console Cups

Two Console Champions Cups will be held in four-round formats for console players. With a Duos partner, you’ll have a chance to qualify for Round 4 and win cash prizes.

For continued updates on each Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 competition, you can follow the Fortnite Team on various platforms:

  • Twitter: @FNCompetitive
  • Instagram: @FNCompetitive
  • TikTok: @FNComp_Official

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