Is Alan Wake 2 Cross-Platform?

The protagonist of Alan Wake 2.

Are you having a blast playing Alan Wake 2 but wondering if the sequel has cross-platform support? You can check out this article to find the answer to that question.

Players are finally discovering what happened to the famed horror novelist in Alan Wake 2. As he delves deeper into the Dark Place that he’s in, a new character called Saga Anderson will be working with him while trying to crack the mystery behind the horrific practices that took place in Bright Falls. The story will make any survival horror player a fan of the series. But does it support cross-platform play? Let’s find out.

Does Alan Wake 2 have cross-platform support?

No, Alan Wake 2 doesn’t support cross-platform play. There’s no confirmation from game developer Remedy Entertainment that Alan Wake 2 will support such a feature. Implementing cross-platform support in Alan Wake 2 will certainly be an issue for the developer. Despite the absence of cross-platform support, Remedy remained true to their promise that they are committed to making the sequel playable on current-generation consoles and PCs.

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Will Alan Wake 2 have post-launch support?

Yes, the developer confirmed this in a recent FAQ. Remedy revealed that a New Game+ mode dubbed Final Draft would be added to the game. However, the game maker remained mum about its details and its release date schedule. A Photo mode was announced to be in the works as well. There are also a couple of paid DLCs (Night Springs and The Lake House) slated for the game. These are also included in the game’s Deluxe Edition alongside other bonus content.

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