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Submerged PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

114 days 11 hours ago - Submerged is a third-person combat-free game in which you explore a mysterious flooded city and discover the beauty of desolation in vast outdoor e... | Review | PS4


Tembo The Badass Elephant PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

122 days 14 hours ago - Shell City is plunged into a state of emergency after coming under attack from the devastating forces of PHANTOM. Terrifying war machines, emblazon... | Review | PS4


Shantae: Risky’s Revenge-Directors Cut PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

122 days 15 hours ago - Winner of IGN’s Game of the Year and Metacritic’s highest rated game of 2010, reborn! Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut is a powder keg of... | Review | PS4


Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

122 days 15 hours ago - Unleash your inner evil! The Nightmare Princess, Velguirie, uses her kicks and spins in her own quest to revive the Devil by trapping humans. Set o... | Review | PS4


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Wander PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

136 days 5 hours ago - Imagine the soothing sounds of the rainforest unfolding around you. Listen to the rush of waves as birds flying overhead call out to one another. L... | Review | PS4


Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven 3DS Review-Vigilant Gamers

136 days 10 hours ago - Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is a brand new strategy RPG adventure set on a colorful island in the tropics. Bestowed with a mysterious bracelet cal... | Review | 3DS


Vigilance 01: Top 5 Reasons Playstation Network Sucks

138 days 9 hours ago - Vigilance is a series of irregular columns addressing issues from within our beloved gaming community. We all love video games or we would not be... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

146 days 17 hours ago - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game, set in a visually stunning fantasy universe, full of mean... | Review | PS4


The Bread Pub Brawlers PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

146 days 18 hours ago - Brawl with up to 8 (max 4 human) opponents for Fun and Profit in Pubs of all sorts with your own ‘baked’ Bread Brawlers! Earn and save Dough to pay... | Review | PS4


Arcade Archives: Crazy Climber PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

158 days 8 hours ago - CRAZY CLIMBER is an action game for arcade game produced by Nichibutsu in 1980. ‘Players control the right hand and left hand of the twin lever to... | Review | PS4


Alien Shooter PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

158 days 10 hours ago - Sinister hordes of bloodthirsty aliens have infiltrated our world! Take on the role of a soldier and head to a secret military laboratory to end t... | Review | PS Vita


Stealth Inc 2: A Game Of Clones PS3 PS4 PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

158 days 12 hours ago - Stealth Inc 2 is a puzzle platformer where you play the role of a clone escaping a sinister and high-tech testing facility. Death is never more... | Review | PS3


Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

170 days 14 hours ago - Paranormal phenomenon threaten Tokyo. The city’s only hope lies in the Xth Squad—a covert team of youths armed with technology from the Code Physic... | Review | PS Vita


ArcaniA- The Complete Tale PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

171 days 17 hours ago - The empire of Myrtana is in turmoil: The power-mad king has set out to conquer the southern islands – no matter the cost. In these troubled times... | Review | PS4


Nom Nom Galaxy PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

174 days 1 hour ago - Welcome to Soup Co., Astroworker! After crash-landing on an alien planet, explore the environment, create huge factories and ship delicious batches... | Review | PS4


Sparkle Unleashed PS3 PS4 PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

174 days 1 hour ago - A secluded world of mystery has succumbed to an ominous darkness. You must travel through the fallen lands, light magical braziers and banish the... | Review | PS3


Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: Ascendance PS4 DLC Review-Vigilant Gamers

174 days 8 hours ago - Prepare for Ascendance, the second downloadable content pack for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, including: – Exo Zombies: Infection – Part Two... | Review | PS4


Badland: Game Of The Year Edition PS3 PS4 PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

174 days 9 hours ago - BADLAND is a multi-award-winning side-scrolling action adventure with innovative physics-based gameplay and stunning atmospheric graphics and audio... | Review | PS3


Roundabout PS4 Review-Vigilant Gamers

174 days 9 hours ago - Roundabout is a ’70s B-Movie game where you drive a constantly revolving limousine! Pick up passengers, find secret collectibles, take on dangerous... | Review | PS4


Ultratron PS3 PS4 PS Vita Review-Vigilant Gamers

182 days 14 hours ago - Experience the addictive gameplay of old-school arcade favorites, updated for the 21st century, with unique upgrades, player responsive difficulty,... | Review | PS3


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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