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Why do xbox fanboys have to be so anti-bluray?

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I've been given two free $20 PSN cards from my co-worker. If anybody wants to trade an LBP code for a $20 PSN card let me know. I have two and I want two LBP codes. PM me.

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Just report it and move on huh? Looks like you used all your bubbles in this one article alone. Take your own advice next time.

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I'd just come up with new IP's IMO.

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Did you see how thenickel completely ignored Action Bastards post?


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LOL @ Bladestar. Man, you are not a true gamer at all. I like how you spin the fact that PS3 owners look into other consoles to get the full gaming experience. Of course we do, and I'm sure other true gamers that own a 360 do as well. Have you ever heard of exclusive games? No I don't think you have. Mario, Gears of War on a Playstation system? No way!?!?!? All of gamings top games will never fall into one system. Sorry.

Your comment right there showed your true colors. An absolu...

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Old news.

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I wholeheartedly agree with kevin1112

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I'll be the third guy to quote this:

"Waller is appreciative of the offer from the store but notes the Xbox isn't nearly as expensive or sophisticated as the PlayStation."

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"Sorry bro, it's really not an opinion. It's fact"


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A killer app at last from the eyes of non-PS3 owners? because I know I've been experiencing several killer apps for a while now.

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That's crazy huh.

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The game will deliver.

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I have it on my iPhone right now. It's a useful little app but it would've been cool if you could message your friends with it as well.

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IMO the graphics were pretty good. I played the demo on my 1080p Panny.

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Agree with the devilhunter

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Yeah don't think Sony will squeeze the existing internals into a slim model. Parts will definitely become smaller.

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All rank rooms have respawn disabled. This was confirmed in the blog for some time now.

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The graphics could be better for a PS3/PSN title but hey, Socom was never about graphics. Awesome and addictive gameplay is written all over Socom.

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In the event where the server is no longer supported, you can still play on LAN over your home network or over internet via XLink.

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