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We did it only because we didn't feel it fair to judge a game off of ten hours (with some of those hours being eaten up by bad server connections...)

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In so much that you'll be using them instead of servers in Asia. :) (I'd wager this, at least.)

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Are you for real?

I sourced the information, as provided in the story with appropriate links.

Here's a tweet from me from 19 hours ago. Do I win yet? Do I get an apology?

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1) I don't understand half of what you've written above.
2) I sourced the story from NeoGAF (I've posted in the thread linked a couple times) and in the PP forums too (which I linked to, of course). I came to the hotfix last night so I could play D4.
3) This blog? Don't even see the article you're referencing.
4) I don't know you, don't foll...

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Yeah, once again: read the article.

There's two images in question.

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The translation of the morse code is in the article.

The Anonymous-sourced image may or may not be legit, based on the very nature in which it was obtained. :)

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You're trolling, right?

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An 8 isn't "mediocre at best" according to our review scale:

(That, and I f*cked up when I entered -- we gave it an 8.5 and by the time I went to edit, this had already had been approved...)

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That report -- the report report, not MMGN's report -- is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

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The latter, unfortunately. Only an ad-hoc solution for that particular game.

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I've been burned FAR too many times by Dick Smith to trust them. They're all about cheap prices... and zero actual stock. I hope you don't have to wait for your game!

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Duplicate story:

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Being in Australia, it's too hard to find an EASHL team. I'm almost happy the mode didn't make the cut. Too many achievements I'll never hope to get legit.

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You can play Mario on Xbox 360 or PS3? Whoa.

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There's a lot of butt-hurt about "this has been reported before," but from the comments on here, it's clear that people weren't aware of this.

I'm not saying it's bad for Sony to have implemented this. I've only reported on this specifically as it's been lost in the overall message, clearly, and people need to be aware to plan their purchases.

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I wish there was an "Agree +10" button on this site.

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When's the last time a gay man criticised a game for having heterosexual relationships? Live and let live, man. That's all I ask.

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No, but it should be a crime to talk and think down on people who don't happen to be straight, white or male, seemingly. Keep bigotry alive, mate.

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Seriously, dude?

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