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Haha, unfortunately no. But this news is just as good. Haha =).

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Not a bad update at all.

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I loved the E3 setup, can't wait for this one.

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Totally agree. Great value at an extraordinary price.

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Nice! I'm loving it.

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Great deal. I just picked up Red Dead @ Gamestop, used, for $55. This is an excellent deal for anyone who has not picked up this title.

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TBH, I love the trophy aspect of games. It really adds a whole new element that was previously unavailable pre-trophies.

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Time and time again I've gotten excited for these 'unveilings'. I think I'll keep my excitement in check this time around.

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For sure.

I'm not a huge fan of remakes, but a FFVII remake would be awesome!

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Another so-so week. Oh well, it's Summer, so I forgive them.

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Heh. Well, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Let's wait and see.

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I am just a little hesistant about this whole thing. SURE, the first two months do look very inviting. Heck, even if the service was just for two months, you are getting $50 dollars worth of content. But the service isn't for two months, it is for a year (or three months. However, for all intensive purposes, I am just focusing on the yearly subscription)

But what about after the first two months? I just hope Sony has a continual stream of salivating content that makes m...

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Sony, on the US PS Blog today, outright said Cross Game Chat is being "look[ed] at as a viable offering", which should be interpreted as: it is coming soon. Whether it is either across the board, or limited to the premium service, is the big question.

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I can see why cross game chat can be important for some people, but for me? Not a big deal.

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Yes, 'tis very good. I like having options.

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Sweet. I love new updates. I wonder if there will be any 'secret' features.

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Hm.. I want to see more of this game.. Looks interesting.

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Curse the bear!

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Kevin Butler made my E3.

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Oh my god. Very awesome.

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