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No I don't need lessons in business, but it's clear you do, especially since you keep dodging the question.

As I've stated already, the sales of Gears and Halo are no different to EVERY OTHER console to PC port a year or so after release on the console.

EVERY port of a console game released at such a long period after the initial console release has had relatively poor sales on the PC. Therefore the sales of Gears of War and Halo is NOT an example of PC gamer's o...

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"All I see is you guys making excuses for why it didn't sell."

I'm a PC gamer as well and have been since the late 80s (and a gamer long before that on consoles, arcades and mini-computers), but I don't push my personal views to represent that of a whole group of gamers as you've done so here.

You claim that MOST PC gamers have SAID they are not interested in Epic's games and you use Gears as proof of this. I pointed out that a) It's only SOME PC gamers...

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"If Gears had been a good game it would have sold well on the PC, there is no escaping that"

Rubbish. No hugely successful console games have sold really well on the PC if they were ported one year later! Even for so-called 'good' games! In fact, this is true all systems, including from one console to another.

The fact is, for a 'big' game, most gamers who want to play it would have done so long before the game is ported to another format a year or so l...

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Charmers, MOST PC gamers said nothing of the sort. Some PC gamers yes, but then again, some gamers say that about EVERY developer. :)

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360 games come on DL disks only, none of them are released on SL disks.

The DVD drive in the 360 is not a 'standard' 12x DVD drive, which on the PC means 12x for SL. The specs clearly state that it is 12x for DL disks, meaning it would be a 16x DVD drive if it was on the PC (16x for SL).

Look up the official specs for the 360 and you'll find the following;