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CBOAT stated a while ago that they rushed due to SONY's announcement of the PS4.

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Well, they would be buying Volition Inc. so it would be the same people who would be making it.

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But there clearly is a HUD...

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Yeah, it happens a lot. I think some of the smaller titles might do it to avoid being destroyed by the massive AAA games during the holiday rush.

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Or maybe read the forum post properly before making up a story and blowing it out of proportion. It says: "To clarify what elite is, it is a side-pro perk you can choose when leveling up the base perk. These elite perks ONLY work if paired with another BASE perk."

Ergo, if you have two perks they can compliment each other. NOTHING to do with the elite system.

Also, the very information you are basing this on has be called complete garbage by David ...

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I feel trophies are a genuinely better system, as they provide a better overview at a glance. On the other hand, I feel that they are bottlenecked by some of the problems that PSN suffers from, such as its social interaction. Trophies mean nothing if you have no one to share them with.

That's just my 2 cents.

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Kind of depends on the way the PR take it. They could ignore it, they could completely cut contact with you, and in the worst case you could be facing legal action as it really is no different from breaking an NDA.

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If you had the same embargo as every other reviewer I have spoken to including myself, then you are not going to be popular.

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Yeah, I was about to say, I got an email with the embargo date and time, and is sure as hell was not when this was posted.

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Or you know, the date could just be using the format that most of the world, excluding the US uses and be referring to the 6th of November...

How this got past the approval stage baffles me.

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I expect the Next Xbox to be arriving at around early 2014, so I think they may show the first stuff at the end of this year.

Also, we never know if Microsoft is going to announce a few new IPs (doubt it, but it is possible).

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Wargame: European Escalation is a GREAT game, so if you haven't already, you should consider picking it up :D

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Hahaha, just as I wrote an article "5 Games That NEED Sequels" with Company of Heroes as number 1 :D


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Same here, plus The Dead Linger. It is an interesting concept.

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I would actually buy that. For pure nostalgia purposes

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*Slow clap*

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True ;)

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Just copying the story word for word from the press release is kind of lazy. Try to spice it up a bit. :)

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Yeah, I want the Call Of Duty platformer, or even Kart Racing game. Actually, Kart Racing as Captain Price would be AWESOME!

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Only playing it if they make it an FPS. I want revenge for all those notifications

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