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Yep agree! :D

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It is really hard to choose I do like both these titles.

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thing is if a series is built around a character then you dont change it. just like kratos, i cant imagine gow without kratos

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sounds perfect to me

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FFx-2 was good man. FF13 was pretty good too

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Ooops sorry I spelt it wrong.. i can't change it. ahhh

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3Ds is killing it, damn.

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cant stand call of duty

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lol everyone does -_-

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that picture is freaky! i dont play a lot of online so i have not had to deal with these problems. Most of the online i play not a lot of people use headsets

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WOW - never knew "Activision is now worth more money than the entire Sony corporation" - that shows how big they are.

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Bigger then Halo? - probably not

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Darn it! I really do need to play this game. I remember few times I was going to pick it up, but end up buying another game instead.

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Most likely we will be seeing LBP 3 around PS4 time, I think it might release on launch day maybe?..

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Yup I agree... It was a fun game though especially the boss fights. :)

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nope its the price of the hardware and accessories

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LMFAO - i guess you crab the closest thing thats got lips and a tongue.

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Its gona be very stiff competition for them specially with nintendo and playstation dominating the market

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Lol its so much more. what a stupid article. the gameplay is slow, the environments dont suit devil may cry style the gameplay has become the main thing about devil may cry games, and yes Dante looks like a bag of shit. if you do your research you will find out that no it is not dante's origin anymore its a parallel universe?? wtf. Also why did they turn his hair all whie in devil trigger? what was the point of changing his hair and look if your oing to do that? they add angels and demo...

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