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Uncharted 2 > Crysis 3... That should solve any graphics vs. gameplay arguments.

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I understand Saints Row 4 will be fun, but this article has a very negative view of its competition, GTA. The argument is that they're both different games, but they proceed to bash GTA's differences, and praise Saints Rows'. "No Co-Op campaign for GTA? You should play Saints Row! 32 people online in the entire open world? That'd take away valuable development time from SR."
Both games are going to be fun, for different reasons. This article just isn't c...

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Oh my god, yes!!! You must be the one other person on this planet who realizes Brotherhood was simply a graphically and functionally better game! It fixes all the flaws of 2, and the story doesn't have any aliens or bull like that in it.

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I almost felt bad when the announced this game, zoomed in to the cars engine (with the individually modeled bolts, gears, ect) and all I thought was: "I can't wait to crash this MOFO."

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2143 would be nice. Though I wouldn't mind storming the beaches of Normandy in Battlefield 1944. Talk about an opening mission...

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torture porn.

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BFG, Grenade Launcher, and Fus-Ro-Dah!!! But great article!

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Great article.

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Well... You seem quite biased. Either way, go have fun playing Demon's Souls again. And I'll be playing TLoU Game of the Year Efition.

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Well said!

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XBox: Chief.
PS3: Damn. Sackboy vs. Nathan Drake...
Wii: Mario
PC: Steve!!!

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No offense man, but you went full retard. Never go full regard.

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Very good article either way!

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Thank you for your opinion. And for posting it on a Black Ops article.

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Of course. Connor was FIGHTING the British. Whatever side he is on is going to be portrayed in a better light. Plus, in essence, Patriots= Assassins, British= Templars. My opinion? F*** YEAH 'MURICA!!!

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WHY ARE YOU EVEN ASKING THIS???!!! Of course Star Wars battlefront is worthy of a sequel! I'm having flashbacks to staying up tell 3am, trying to finally win as the Rebels on Hoth.

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I think the game was filled with great characters. Personally, I liked Buck the most. But Vaas was the most ORIGINAL, and the insanity factor made him funny, but scary at the same time. Sam was almost... Stereotypical.

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Violence fits the narrative. And I welcome it. BUT. It is still a story (and expected lay going to be a great one). And those here for the story should be allowed the CHANCE to enjoy it, and a simple blood and gore filter isn't all out of reason. I can understand why someone might be turned off by a mans skull being blown off, with nice little bone fragments mixed in (gravy...).

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Never go full retard.

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