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The real issue isn't 'accessibility', but rather the misappropriation of the world. Real accessibility -- tearing down artificial barriers in the name of cohesive gameplay or creating way for other with special needs to interact with games -- is one of this generation's greatest advancements (though there's still tons of work to be done.)

But yes, dumbing down gameplay to its most generic form and then claiming it is being 'accessible' is frustrati... #9
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I've always liked Fifa better, though I don't hate PES. But I'm also like the one idiot who cares about MLS more than Euro leagues, so there's that strike against it. #1
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It's - http:/njoystic.com/2012/09/26/ borderlands-2-a-week-in-pandora / - as a temporary fix. #3
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Just checked the article link and it's fine. Problem with the "clickout." Hmm... #2
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Yeah, how dare a website post articles that are designed to get people to read them.

. . . ? #5.1
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I had somehow completely missed that this was a thing. I don't know how excited I could get about it without the large faux-cockpit arcade cabinet to go with it though. Ah, memories. #1
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Hmm. Yes; bad engrish throughout; though the site IS registered out of TX. What I found annoying is despite the "after reading many articles, here's the news that hasn't been talked about" intro, everything listed has extensively been talked about in the preview articles. Regardless; two more weeks! Don't know if I can make it. #9
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Yeah. . . now that it's approved, I don't think I can fix it. Oh well. Consider it an example of that stupid spam e-mail that talks about how our "mysterious brain" can interpret any word as long as the first and last letters are correct and the rest of the letters appear in any order. . . #3
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For what it's worth, thorstein, I absolutely love Demon Souls (though wish I had more time to play it) and can't wait for Dark Souls, which I'll be able to review, thus, consider it "working". #4
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