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Only if Dying Light doesn't feel like steering a brick with a dog leash.

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Glad Australia finally has an R18+ for games, we might actually get this on release!

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I went into this game with no preconceptions of what to expect. I personally encountered very little issues, and really enjoyed the experience. I love stealth, and really enjoyed the fact I could avoid combat the entire game.

Others didn't enjoy it. To each their own. People should take what I wrote on board but not take it as gospel.

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Bethesda have done an awesome job of transitioning the Elder Scrolls world into the MMO realm. Can't wait to see the more high level PvP/PvE scenarios.

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It's such a refreshing change to have a game series that punishes you for every wrong move in this day and age. I can just imagine how many controllers i'll break trying to play this game.

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Sort of relieved that I don't have to deal with 10 Titans on the opposing team now.

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If they actually pull off what they want in the final build, it could be a hugely popular game in the near future.

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I totally agree, I feel that it's essentially for the console-centric gamers out there, or people who have no idea about PC capabilities.

While it enables gamers to access Steam and PC specific games on a living room console, I still feel that many, many PC games are more suited to a mouse and keyboard.

Take DayZ for example, there exist a myriad of controls and functions, mapping that to a controller would be a lot harde...

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People take days off for lesser reasons anyway I guess.

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Great to see regular gamers get a chance to go to something so massive as E3.

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I played this at a recent gaming expo, and while it looks promising, it IMO still has that clunky controlling feeling from Dead Island.

While not game-breaking, I think if Techland work to just make movement a bit more silky, then it will feel much more enjoyable.

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I think with next gen supporting 64 player battles, console-only players will see really how hectic Battlefield can be.

I agree, COD Ghosts seems to have far less fanfare compared to other years.

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I'd so love for that to be right.

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they've got 90k of 750k in donations in one day already, with 29 days to go.

If this keeps up, it will get funded in no time.

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Fans of the original would have just been happy with a sequel, but now getting the likes of Hayter gives them another reason to be excited.

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It helps out Precursor as much as Hayter. No doubt he'll draw his fans along to the project to see what it's about.

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Really love the Indie focus at PAX.

While it's good to always see the latest and greatest AAA titles, it's refreshing to see some really unique games come along from passionate individuals.

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I saw the gameplay demo behind closed doors at E3. The devs kept reiterating that it was still pre-Alpha, but the minute levels of detail in that were staggering.

They've talked it all up, now just have to wait to see if it delivers.

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The dev's have said that people do not need to have played the first 2 titles.

It's a standalone adventure, focusing on a more personal tale of Geralt.

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Quantum Break - from little what we saw - looks promising as well.

Also interested to see more of The Division, and Project Spark could be the Minecraft of Next Gen.

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