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But still, for something like this, I think it is worth it! I am excited

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Thanks everyone!

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hey no complaints there. I have experienced the Vita, but right now, there are not the games I want, so why waste my money now when I could potentially wait for the games I want and a price drop might happen? I love video games and the vita definitely has a bright future, but I just can't pull the trigger yet.

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Ya I didn't put it in the article, but I am thinking of getting the assassins creed bundle when it comes. Because I really want to play that game! We will see what happens though. I just can't pull the trigger yet. Too many question marks for me right now. But I do love the design and the promise.

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Ya going to the batcave would be a lot of fun to do! More detective stuff would be great. My question is where the hell are the DLC stuff that they should be doing. Where is the Hush DLC! They have to make it, such a cliffhanger

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The prequel could add a whole new dimension to the Batman/Joker relationship that not many people have explored and that is the beginning! Sure the Dark Knight did it, but that was its on story, it didn't harcken back to how the Joker became the Joker. I just hope Rocksteady is working on another Batman, I love what they have done!

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Kevin Conroy is also made the series. Hey who knows if Mark Hamill is done, he might come back who knows!

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Well it wasn't announced at E3, so thats a good thing! I am all for new anything, but when your console is doing well now and has momentum, don't spoil that!

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