Proud owner of an Xbox One... ...disappointed owner of the Playstation 4


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Destiny? Who needs Destiny? A little thing called the Master Chief Collection is dropping a few weeks later. Ain't no one gonna have time to play Destiny.

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Xbox isn't going anywhere. I've skipped the Nintendo systems because I don't care for those franchises. PlayStation has always outsold Xbox, but

Xbox>PS2 (which sold 7x the units)
X360>PS3 (which sold just over 1x the units <talk about closing a gap!>
X1>PS4 (which is hard to estimate but lets say 2x the untis)

Microsoft makes amazing stuff. I was a PlayStation guy, until the day I played Halo. The day I touched that...

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Wish for X1's old policies... want a digital copy, don't want to download 40GB. Could have just bought the disc, installed, and win.

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I'm predicting 6-7/10 for this game, don't think it'll live up to the hype it has, not by a long shot.

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Halo 1 - Game of the Year
Halo 2 - Game of the Year
Halo 3 - Game of the Year
Halo 4 - Game of the Year

Halo Master Chief Collection - Game of the Year

dunno if remake/remaster is eligible, but if it is, this collection really has no competition this year, not even from it's own creators.

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The X1 has the best controller, that is the one and only reason needed. Competitive gamers should be using the best input device, and now they are.

Playing with a keyboard and mouse is a total chore, period. It sucks, and I hate it. And it's precision is way overrated, I play my FPS games with a controller on my PC and I have no problem owning people, and in the PC world they don't let you use any auto-aim.

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Lucky they are releasing it in September and not along side the Master Chief Collection, otherwise Xbox 1 gamers wouldn't bother with it.

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Out in more markets

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Neither are more realistic, no rain on the windshield?

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How bout improve your fun technology, Killzone games are just a chore to play.

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Damn, thread looks full of people resistant to change and clinging to old ways of doing things.

its time to move on, and embrace the future

I'm already living almost completely digital entertainment, and it is so much better than the old ways

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Bubble up, well said. Frankly SOCOM is Sony's only worthwhile franchise, and the last few have been pretty weak. Remake 1 and 2 with state of the art graphics and that will easily justify my PS4 purchase. Sony sent me a free copy of SOCOM back in the day for building a SOCOM fan site, it was pretty sweet cause I was just a young lad with no money haha.

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July does suck. Best game is TLoU remake? Super weak. I don't know why people don't make summer games... Sure people spend more time outdoors, but we also have more free time than ever, and we don't have any games worth playing. Summer time is a gem devs just don't take advantage of.

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I suppose that is a fair tradeoff. But sorry Bungie, since H1>H2>H3>ODST>REAC H its only logical H1>H2>H3>ODST>REAC H>DESTINY. You created a phenomenal sci-fi universe, I know you don't have it in you to make another. Thanks, but from now on, no thanks.

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Lucky bastards, $75 off probably the best console ever conceived... I paid full price and still feel like I ripped Microsoft off.

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No Halo 1, Dead Space, or Bioshock original? Fail... Alan Wake was awesome though

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Lol, planning cross gen games for the next 2-3 years? Give it up EA.

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Incredibly old game, why bother? is it going to be something I can pick up for $15 in the arcade?

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Probably not. -$ony doesn't have money to throw around. More likely whatever company is buying off the PlayStation brand is helping out.

@Season pass fiasco
Honestly with my backlog of games and a good number out this fall on the X1 I wasn't going to have enough time to play them all anyways. Bungie has given me an easy decision on at least one game that isn't making it into my home this fall so thanks for the help. All been downhill since Halo: Combat Ev...

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Author clearly has a PS4 bias based on his commentary - and clearly doesn't know DDR3 vs DDR5 vs GDDR5.

That being said its the standard developer saying esRAM isn't too bad to work with, just a learning experience.

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