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Project Natal = Fail

three11_mtl | 2308d ago
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Project Natal theoretically seems like a nice and innovative way to play video games but in reality it's bound to completely fail.

Since the beginning of video gaming in the 70s & 80s, people had a common vision of the future of the industry. Everybody would be wearing a weird helmet and start playing in this sort of virtual reality where your movements would be recreated in real time in the virtual world you're in. Project Natal gets us one step closer to this reality and thank God no helmets are involved. But in reality is that the future we want as gamers?

Here are a few reasons why I believe this new project is going to struggle getting the interest of anyone.

- People never really liked addons. Obviously it's not going to be hooked directly on the 360 like the Sega CD or the 32X but you will still need to buy a clunky piece of hardware that will use up some extra space.

- So far we have no idea how much this thing will cost but you can't really expect people who invest lots of money on their 360 for games and online service to be interested in a technology that to be quite honest does not recreate perfect 1 to 1 motion (that's unless the technology improves from what we've seen at E3 09).

- Also please don't try and make me believe that playing a racing game is more fun when holding air vs holding a steering wheel peripheral. I have a feeling Natal will only be a bunch of collections of mini games that uses the technology.  I don't see a Halo or Gears game using the Natal technology. Although it could be interesting, I think it would be very limited mainly because of the range of movement that really depends on the size of the living room and the lack of any buttons. We haven't seen much of the gameplay but from what I've seen, it seems very similar to what was done with the Eye Toy or the PS Eye so far. I can tell you right now, there are no games on either of those platforms that are worth going crazy about.

- I want to finish with the Milo kid. This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen since Seaman on the Dreamcast. I have friends and family that I love to talk to and have interesting conversations with. Why the fuck would I want to start having this "relationship" with a virtual kid that will probably have extremely limited capabilities in terms of recreating human emotions. It's cool to have voice recognition but please keep it for simple commands and short phrases because otherwise it will become frustrating. The system won't get everything and you'll have to repeat or it will understand something else...

I'm really not convinced about project Natal, holding air has never been fun for me and I don't think this will change that perception. I think what convinced people that Natal is going to be the future of gaming was by the way it was presented. I mean Steven Spielberg is endorsing the goddamn thing, it HAS to be good!!!! Peter Molenyeux looked like an infomercial guy trying to convince me that this thing really works as seen on TV! The trailers also looked pretty nice so when you compare that with how Sony presented their motion sensing technology, I mean Natal wins by a mile. In reality even though the two guys from Sony looked like elementary students at a show and tell, I was more convinced by what Sony showed in terms of what's the future of motion sensing technology. True 1 to 1 recreation of movements and more importantly the capability of playing hardcore games using the motion controls. So to me, Project Natal fails to proove that it's the future of gaming.   

Gue1  +   2308d ago
I too think that natal will fail miserably but for core games. I just don't like the idea of playing with the air. For mini-games? That's another story. It could work really great!

When we used to talk about the future of games in the early 90' we often said the words "virtual reality" but why? Because theoretically the machine will let us feel the game like it was real! But natal just let us use gestures and no other thing like a controller... The explanation is something like his example of the driving wheel on the blog. (trying to make long ass comment short, so think)

In fact I see more future in the Sony motion controller than in Natal because it is a proven technology. Proven by Nintendo.

I entirely agree with this blog. =)
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madpuppy  +   2306d ago
proven by Nintendo to suck!
Motion controllers suck, they are imprecise and annoying. Give me a well built game pad any day over this sudo-VR balderdash!
D4RkNIKON  +   2308d ago
I completely agree with everything mentioned in this blog as well. I couldn't have said it better myself. I thought this was an interesting quote from a post on IGN.

"One big thing that the Natal will never be able to do is pick up subtle hand movements, such as the twist of a wrist, like the PlayStation Motion Controller can (and Wii MotionPlus for that matter). For things like accurate use of swords or tennis rackets, this is a very necessary thing. "
spandexxking  +   2308d ago
shhhh.....I completely agree, but if you say this out loud, we'l be accused of being a delusional fanboys:D
three11_mtl  +   2307d ago
I'm glad to see I'm not alone, people are so easily misguided by bells and whistles these days!!!! And they're already trying to build mass media hype by showing it off on national TV! It's a very nice device to show off indeed but what people don't seem to fully understand is that the capabilities and uses will be so limited no matter how well the body tracking is.
Sanzee  +   2307d ago
You May Be Right, You May Be Wrong....
....but it still upsets me to see someone judging Natal (or anything else for that matter) before they've experienced it. So we've seen a few videos of Natal in action. We've read plenty of inform regarding it as well, but considering the fact that its not even out yet, not to mention that you sir, nor I, have yet to experience it.

You made alot of good points though, I see where your coming from, just remember... until the day comes that we get to experience natal, possibly playing our own favorite game with it, we can do nothing but speculate. Even those who have tried it weren't using the finished product. The truth is, as far as I've "SEEN" at "THIS POINT" I won't even play with Natal. I can't say for sure though. I may like it.

Keep up the good blogs man.
Jinxstar  +   2307d ago
As stated by Gametrailers and a few other sources including peter monoleaux. Milo only recognizes tone of voice. Every question asked does not get a true answer just an emotion. Everything is open ended. Also to further that the 'behind closed doors" demo that people went to had a guy sitting next to the TV with a controller manipulating Milo... It's the freakin wizard of oz.

Otherwise I like your blog.
RoyBoys  +   2307d ago
I liked your post dude! The Milo part was so true. When I first heard about it, it was everywhere on N4G and everyone was talking about it. I thought to myself that it doesn't look entertaining at all.
Godmars290  +   2307d ago
Not liking Natal for all the attention its getting while being unproven, I don't think that it should be getting attacked for that same reason. Once its out, not giving BJs that its fans seem to think it'll be able to do, then will be the time to actually ask questions. Look for faults. Again, not that its going t matter to its fanbase.

MS obviously planned the current media blitz for the first reason you offer for Natal's possible failure, with Milo as the primary catalyst. Come the second, you can be sure they'll be ready to cover their tracks.
Hypnotic  +   2307d ago
You're just a "pre-Natal" hater!

See what I did there?

Anyways, don't like it? Don't buy it. I'm holding my judgments until I get to see it in action myself.
punisher99  +   2307d ago
I've been saying this every since E3 09. I mean what exactly do 360 gamers think they are gonna be doing with Natal? Can you actually play Halo, Fable 2, and Gears Of War with this? I honestly see nothing but paint games and exercise games and maybe some small casual games. And the problem is, the last time I checked, the 360 is a hardcore gamer's machine.
D4RkNIKON  +   2307d ago
Exactly.. The hardcore gamers shouldn't care about this, but they do care about supporting their console no matter what while simoltaniously putting down the other consoles in a fanboy driven garbage. They might not even like Natal or it's games when it is released, they just want to feel like their console has the latest and greatest games and ideas around.
Jinxstar  +   2306d ago
honestly it's pretty hard to compete with Sony's true exclusives. While the 360 has exclusives. although fewer, about half of those are on PC as well...
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Killman  +   2306d ago
I am not going to say that Natal will fail, its not been released yet so that would be jumping the gun. I will say this, Natal is obviously Microsofts way to lock themselves into the casual gamer scene.
Tiberium  +   2304d ago
I agree they are reaching to the casual. But if they combine this with the core games then they could be even better. I mean using a 360 controller and the camera would be amazing. I'm all for what nintendo did with the wiimote and motion plus. What I'm not for is them showing off this great hardware running wii-sports resort. I mean if nintendo made natal then you have something to be worried about.
jixar  +   2305d ago
the point is that MS wants this milo and PN to get a new audience. They said it themselves. But i would highly doubt it any hardcore gamer would find this entertaining lol.
peeps  +   2305d ago
I wouldn't say it's a fail untill we get a chance to play it, however... my opinion is very similar. I just can't see it working effectively in any sort of games i play.

In reality we may see that some games use a controller as normal and has natal as an option. bad example tbh but like with the socom games, you can command your squad using a mic but if you don't have a mic you can just select text commands from a menu.

But as well as obv not judging it so early, i'm amazed at the amount of people going on about how amazing it is. Again, how can you really judge it till you play it.

Personally for the majority of games, you need a controller. as 1 guy mentioned, racing where you hold thing air... i'd just find that weird and is subtracting from recreating a driving experience (that you can get by using a decent wheel, pedals etc
creamydingle  +   2305d ago
Can someone please explain to me how natal is any different from sony's eye toy? Im not trying to be smart or a fanboy or anything I just want an clear explanation of how natal is different from the eye toy? Because it seems basically the same to me or very very similar. So please pm me the answer or leave the answer below in comment be nice im not knocking natal i just want a answer.
peeps  +   2305d ago
i guess it's just an advanced version. better tracking etc + can also sense depth (cant remember if eyetoy could do that?) and also the voice recognition/ can sense the tone of ur voice.

i think it will be a long time untill we see it used in a game i'd consider playing rather than a mini game
Jinxstar  +   2305d ago
@ peeps.

The eyetoy can sense depth but probably not all that well. I mean based on the stage tech demo it can easily sense depth direction and other things with a little halp. The pet game can as well a little. Even games that are out like Trials of Topoq can but not as well as you might hope... Still though in the end if PSeye is 30$ and natal turns out to be like 70 or more then it's kinda... Well you get the idea it's like compaing a porsche to a ford. The porsche may have more bells and whistles but they both can get you where your going...
CrAzYbRoS  +   2303d ago
-Senses movement by light

-Senses 3D Movement
-Senses color
-Voice Recognition
-Integration with system interface

Anyone who thinks EyeToy is even close to Natal in quality so far is bonkers. EyeToy has so far had 21 games released exclusively for it, with 15 of those being "EyeToy: (insert name here)" games that all sucked.
peeps  +   2303d ago
"Anyone who thinks EyeToy is even close to Natal in quality so far is bonkers. EyeToy has so far had 21 games released exclusively for it, with 15 of those being "EyeToy: (insert name here)" games that all sucked."

thats my concern tbh. It may be a big leap from the eyetoy, but it's essentially the same thing. My biggest problem is seeing this as being used in a way that isn't simply trying to take some of nintendo's pie which would mean 'casual' games. I think ms even said themselves that was the target market for natal.
AbyssGravelord  +   2304d ago
You ever wonder what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like?

Well BAM!
Dmack79  +   2304d ago
Great blog man.
I agree 100%. Even though I too think it's too early to judge natal, especially when MS hasn't given gamers a solid specific date for its release (or a price).

How will we be able to even make our video game character walk? Or even run and pull off Crazy ninja combos???

Anyone care to answere?
da720izcumin  +   2304d ago
it's not even out yet
so how could it fail, if it's not released?

hey, you know what, the more you guys talk about it and stir controversy. the more it will be in the limelight, thanks for the free advertisement.
peeps  +   2303d ago
"thanks for the free advertisement. " made me laugh. you speak as if your an ms employee

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