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How to play games on multiple monitors

Multi-monitor configurations today are not rare, yet many game developers seem to ignore this fact. Some of them do this intentionally like Blizzard who doesn’t want multi-monitor computer owners to take advantage over those who have only one monitor. Others simply don’t bother much about this issue. When you play games on a system with two or more monitors, such a game usually locks the mouse cursor within the host monitor, so you have no other option than alt-tab it if you need to switch to another task. This is true for Blizzard’s Starcraft II and Diablo 3, the Total War series, and many other game titles.

Of course, locking the mouse cursor within the game screen is a somewhat standard practice, but what if I want to play the game my way? I found the tool called Actual Multiple Monitors that saves the day. Not only does it unlock the mouse cursor allowing me to move it freely across all of my monitors, but it also can stretch the gaming screen to multiple monitors even for those games that originally do not support such option as long as they run in a window. This allows playing games on one screen with all apps running on the rest monitors still easily available with no task switching or minimizing. At the same time if you prefer the game to utilize all available screen space, the tool offers such opportunity too. Not only does a larger game screen look great by itself, but it also can be helpful for public presentations and live-gaming shows.

So, how the thing works? You just need to press a predefined keyboard shortcut, which immediately unlocks the mouse cursor and allows moving it beyond the screen edges of the host monitor. If you need to get back to the default behavior, press another shortcut combination.

Hope this tip will be helpful for those who wants to enjoy the advantages of using several monitors when playing games!

Here is the link to the tool:

Stretching the gaming screen to multiple monitors

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memots1479d ago

I always wished that Ps3 or any console would support it, without having to have 3 x ps3 for gt5 for example. I play RaceSim on triple screen always and i find it hard to go back to single screen.

SnakeCQC1478d ago

I've never seen the appeal of a multi monitor setup. Can't people just get a bigger monitor or tv instead? It will be much less taxing on the gpu and no bezels breaking up the image.

memots1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

one big monitor/TV you would still be restricted to the resolution you can do and not get the full view. 24inch or 60inch is they botj do 1080p you see the same thing.

Trust me 5760x1080p is brilliant in Racing games.

Amazingmrbrock1476d ago

I use mine for multitasking. I'll often be playing movies on one and do programming in another. When I was learning to program I would often have a tutorial video on one screen and follow along on the second.

As far as gaming related uses go I've often enjoyed playing civ v or crusader kings on one screen while watching stuff on the other.

Amazingmrbrock1476d ago

I would really like to see games that start optionally utilizing my second monitor. If I could have a map, or inventory on it or something that would be great for a lot of games.