Almost E3 Time!!


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Let's Talk PlayStation 5

Up until now we've heard little more than a few murmurs about Sony's inevitable next major console release, aka the PlayStation 5. With several reports declaring that dev kits have been sent out, alongside the fact that next year marks 6 years since the PS4 launched in 2013, there is a chance we could see this console revealed as early as e3 2018 with a release as early as this holiday season(I don't personally think so, but more on that in a bit). As this consoles inevitable release and reveal draws ever nearer I thought it might be fun to throw out my thoughts on the specifics of what we might see happen with the ps5.

Let's get the obvious out of the way, this console is going to be beefier. Sony will probably want to make this thing about 2-3* more powerful than the pro. From a UI perspective I imagine there won't be any major changes, in that we'll probably still be scrolling through a menu to get to our games. The controller will likely be similar although I could see the touch pad disappearing. I think battery life will be similar. I'm certain they will do away with micro USB (Thank God, or whatever). PlayStation store won't see many changes other than some quality of life differences.But now for the fun stuff.

Now before reading ahead this is just a fun speculation piece meant to Foster some healthy conversation on the internet among a group of like minded individuals. So, no fighting! First I think this thing will launch with 2 skus. One will have a discussion drive and one won't. There will be 100-200 dollar price difference. My reasoning here is simply that as we move forward digitally will become the primary method of all media consumption for many. Including game. As such Sony will capitalize on this growing trend of people moving towards digital while keeping a model around for people who still love that disc. The disc version will support 4k Blu Ray. They will likely sell the discless version at a loss, which will easily be made up by the simple fact that all software will have to be purchased through psn.

All PS4 games will work on ps5. I would've put this under my obvious section, but Sony has been kind of dodgy when it comes to this in the past. All PS4 games will be scalable to higher settings. Making some of these late PS4 AAA titles effective ps5 launch titles as well. It's important that Sony makes sure PS4 games are playable on ps5. Gamers have made it really clear that they want backwards compatibility.

PS5 will be revealed in a similar fashion to PS4. I honestly do not expect it to deviate at all since the initial reveal for PS4 worked so well. February 2019 console reveal as well as a few titles. E3 2019 price reveal and launch date. With a holiday 2019 launch. Latest, spring 2020.

That's my predictions for the ps5 I'd love to hear thoughts and feedback!!

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UltraNova238d ago

Well I've mentioned my desire for a 2 SKU launch before but the difference should not only be the disc drives, it should be on power. What I'm saying is that Sony should simultaneously release both PS5 amd Pro variants and let us decide which one to buy. This way they can release a better PSVR kit as well, one that can take advantage of the Pro model when its hooked up with one. Another reason I believe both models should be released at the same time is that because I (pro owner) and I'm sure others too will wait it out for the PS5 Pro model mid-next gen (I will not spend another 400-500 bucks for a 2x~ in power increase, thanks but no thanks Sony).

Thats my two cents.