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Reasons why the PSP phone will be the PSP2

Rush|2770d ago |Blog Post|9|

Well there's been a lot of speculation around a PSP phone lately and honestly I don't see Sony releasing a PSP phone unless it's capable of playing both PSP and PSP2 games and here are the reasons why.

First of all when I bought the PSP 1000 imported from Japan when I was 16/17 it was an amazing piece of hardware I couldn't believe a hand-held was capable of such amazing graphics.

6 years on the Iphone 4 slaughters it graphically, I know a lot of you will find that hard to believe but when you look at the specs of the PSP it's very weak compared to a modern smartphone.


The PSP base specs are as follows 32mb of RAM and a 333mhz processor, sure with later revisions the RAM doubled at the processors are slightly more capable but games have to be designed to play on the base specs.

Now lets assume for a moment the PSP phone will feature the latest 1GHZ snapdragon processor. The new snapdragon processor found inside the HTC Desire HD is a lot more graphically capable then older 1GHZ snapdragons

The QSD8x50 chipset found in HTC EVO 4G, GPU - 3D graphics with up to 22M triangles/sec and 133M 3D pixels/sec

The MSM8x55 chipset found in HTC Desire HD, GPU - up to 41M triangles/sec and 245M 3D pixels/se with dedicated 2D Open VG graphics hardware

As you can see it's almost twice as capable and most likely more capable then the GPU found in the Iphone 4 which is the same GPU found in the 3GS.

If Sony where to create a machine using the new 1ghz snapdragon it would be easily a HD graphical powerhouse. Using something like that simply to power a PSP would be a massive waste not to mention the 512/more system RAM would be far more then needed for a PSP.

So I honestly don't see Sony releasing a crippled PSP phone when they could simply release the PSP2 phone along side the PSP using similar hardware. Honest if they did I would certainly be trading my Iphone 4 in for a PSP2 phone it would be a massive success for Sony am sure.

Any thoughts from the users here on reasons why you think the PSP phone will be PSP2 capable of not.

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joeorc2770d ago

It's the software that is the Key, and the Hardware is the upper limit's that the Machine would be capable of.

you bring up a point about dedicated Hand held only for gaming.

you pointed this out:

"Using something like that simply to power a PSP would be a massive waste not to mention the 512/more system RAM would be far more then needed for a PSP."

but this is not 6 year's ago! you do know even 6 year's ago the PSP has (2) 333 MHz core's in it one for CPU an one as it's GPU in today's standards it is Quite outdated for Hand Helds, but on the same Token your not going to put any really lower in spec's in a smart phone Today due to the fact that Many Smart phone's are more than capable of doing 3D accelerated Game's.

There is a convergence in the Hand Held market just as there have been in the Game console market, there is no such thing as "just a game console anymore" other than the cheap devices that is like the controler with a group of 16 games packed in that connect's to a analog or LCD screen with composit output's that you can pick up in the toy section for like $10.00

other than that all the new system's all have online connection do more than "just play game's"

the Hand Held Game system's are also heading that way, and Smart phones are right along with them.

Only this time not only can you play games but the Hand Held does quite a bit more.

Hand Helds speed of replacement unit's are much faster than their CE counter part's. you buy one now and a new one get's info put out right the very next day it

The point is even though that happen's quite offten the Hard ware is a guide to what the machine is capable of, it's the developer's that make it show what the device can do.

hikayu2765d ago

the same reason why you think it wont matter is the same reason why it certainly will matter : the game
perhaps the biggest reason why sony hasn't come out of the blue and announce anything lately is because they still dont know whether it's a good idea to put 2 handheld systems in 1 generation by them . it's because of the game , the developers . having 2 system means split attention . 2 different hardwares means there's no way from them to really port a game across 2 platforms and fans certainly wont buy 2 handheld either . no matter how cheap it is , it's not feasible to have 2 handheld system with you all the time ( which is everyone's goal ) . it's not just the system , it's the advertisement , the game , the accessories , all have to be done separately . it's a ginormous investment that has very little success . sony is still a company , they need to make money too . they can only bite the bullet for so long before letting it go altogether .

dosgrtr2770d ago

psp phone isn't the psp2,haven't u read of it being mentioned by mortal kombat and ea?

Rush2770d ago

Yeah but developers aren't always in the know, some of them simply make assumptions like the rest of us gamers.

I just don't see why Sony would release a potentially very powerful piece of hardware only to have it power PSP games.

Apple released a statement last year saying the Iphone is more powerful then the PSP and DS combined. That's certainly true and with PSP development almost dead you would essentally be buying a PSP phone for a back catalog of games.

Don't get my wrong the PSP has some amazing games my favorite Iphone games is a PSP port. But I don't see Sony releasing what will be a very powerful phone simply to play games that don't require very much power at all.

silvacrest2769d ago

good points, although if sony were to release a PSP Phone, yes it wouldn't need such powerfully hardware to run PSP games but it would need it to run android as well as PSP games

although i still agree that the PSP 2 will probably just be the PSP Phone minus the phone part, the hardware is good enough for it to be true and like you said, it is far FAR superior to the current PSP specs

VR-4nic2769d ago

Bro take a good look at the pics of the PSPhone and you'll notice that it actually has a DUEL sensing touch pad. Now what does that tell you if the current PSP has only ONE analog stick nub? LOL! Da! Are you really that ignorant to thing Sony would release a PSPhone that can't play PSP2 games. Im not even in the information loop and I can promise you NO! When this thing drops it will with PSP2 and or will be PSP2.

silvacrest2769d ago

if the PSP2 and PSP Phone were 2 different products why would it have dual sensors? i doubt sony will make PSP2 and PSP phone games when they can just make one

either way the PSP Phone is coming first because it will have more appeal towards smarphone users as well as handheld users

Sackdude2767d ago

Know one knows, but looking at that video, games on iphone are really lame,

i mean your fingers cover half of the screen, you don't see shit while playing.

Stealth20k2747d ago

the phone has been confirmed to not have dual analog and the psp 2 does have physical dual analog

2 seperate products