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Xbox One Always Online Screws Military

There has been much hatred towards Microsoft going around because of the restrictive way that DRM affects playing games on their system. Being in the Marine Corps, I know first hand the far reaching effects of this new policy. There are many MSG contracts opening up. MSG Contracts are security details for U.S Embassies that take Marines to Embassies in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Pacifiic, and the Middle East.

A lot of these duty stations don't have options for wifi. It's not a case of "O you can afford an HDTV but you can't afford internet". It's just not possible in a lot of places.

It saddens me when I think of a conversation I had with a buddy of mine who is PCSing to the Fleet and he had absolutely no clue what I was talking about. How uninformed is the average consumer?-Was the thought that ran through my head. I explained to him what Always Online meant and he jokingly said "F*** Playstation, Im getting an XBox one AMERIICAAA". That made me laugh.

I don't understand how Microsoft can just alienate their fanbase by excluding people that don't have acesss to internet. Not to mention you can't loan games on the xbox. Well, that's okay I'll just buy a new game.

Wait the Xbox One is region locked YAY...

I don't claim to be no hero, I haven't deployed yet. I have been stuck in Washington, DC on a detail I rather not talk about. The barracks are in the middle of the city so wifi isn't a problem for me. But I'll be PCsing to the fleet soon and who knows where that could take me, since the war in Afghanistan is slowing down.

I just want to know what are Microsoft offering to people like me. People that are defending their freedoms. They are a American Company right? Where is the pride?

I can only speak for what I think is happening in the U.S but this easily applies to other military branches worldwide.

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SilentNegotiator1896d ago

Interesting point. I know people in the service like to relax and play some Xbox 360, but that won't always even be a choice with Xbone.

urwifeminder1895d ago

I don't know anyone in the military it is not an issue really they still can play 360 if they are xbox fans.

Jochy1895d ago

its very sad that they took these route. others think the same as you, here is a link to naother story

and these is what MS has to respond to you guys.

Cam9771895d ago

And people with poor internet connection.
And people low on money.