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KillZone 2, worth the fuss?

 As per usual, I was drifitng through the blog section and came across:

Grinds My Gears: Call of Duty and Other Over-Hyped Games

Right then, most of it to me, seems a little superficial. I don't really care about CoD5, it's commited itself to suicide, pre-release by some ridiculous dev on dev bashing.

Back to the point, the blog says soemthign that made me feel enthusiastic enoguh to write a blog entry myself. Not that it is uncommon for me to do so.

"And I have a feeling that Killzone 2 might become the next Haze/Lair."

Now, I am a self professed PS3 fanboy. Check my blog entries if you don't believe me. But KillZone 2, to me does nothing.

Let's skip all of the cycnical bashign and get down to the nitty gritty of this monochrome shooter,  I can't udnerstand why the rumoured 60 million dollars has been poured into this when: 

-Resistance 2 looks and sounds better and isn't being a resource hog
-It's doing NOTHING new or innovative
-It's never going to beat Halo 3 critically due to bias
-And 8 Days could have used some of the monies

Don't get riled up just yet. I popped Resistance and 8 Days in there, mainly becuase I was running out of points. Why was i running out of points though? Becuase all I needed to say had been fulfilled by the second point.

Yes, 60 million dollars into a game that does nothing new. You could argue 100 million dollars went into GTAIV that did less than Killzone 2, but that was a definite seller, and Rockstar clearly haven't got consoles to support (and GTAIV didn't shift hardware). 

All I can say is that to me, the shooter is the prettiest thing ever. But can't i obtain the same experience with CoD4? Or are we still relatively in the dark about Killzone 2?

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pharmd3611d ago

if it doesnt have a multiplayer that appeals to me the way COD4 did then its dead to me =D

CAPT IRISH3610d ago

the shooting genre is dead to me

Dmack793610d ago

1) WTF? Resistance 2 does not "look" better than Killzone 2. Even the Insomniac knows that. Insomniac is trying to make the best gameplay possible for an FPS, they ARE NOT aiming for R2 to look realistic like Guerilla is with Killzone 2.

2) And "its never going to be Halo 3 critically due to bias" ???

What, are you someone who can predict the future all of the sudden?

3)Nothing new or innovative??? SERIOUSLY, you don't know enough about Killzone 2 yet, to make that statement. We still have yet to see multiplayer, and we've barely seen any single player campaign.

MY POINT is that you should wait after E3 to make these judgements, esppecially since we only know about 35% - 45% of what the game will be like.

Jinxstar3610d ago

Well it depends on what you are looking for in innovation my friend. Things in the game like lighting, destruction, physics are all top notch and "New" to the next gen of gaming at least to the degree we have seen in vids. What it is doing that is most important is setting a new engine up for people to work with. Hence the 60 million dollars and the 4 1/2 cell units it is supposed to run on. They weren't just making a game they were making tools for others to use and work with. The engine is completely unique and defining of the "Next gen" capabilities.

AS far as features to the game... While the explosions and everything "Look" absolutely amazing will it be worth the money if the game lacks in story, length and otherwise... Depends. Some gamers are GRaphics whores some love story some love innovation in the sense you write about. "Show me something I have yet to see before besides pretty". I don't really know what it will do different. From the videos I have seen I can see where it can feel very intense at times. It looks intense and if the AI(Another innovation) does what is seen in vids the wow. That is an accomplishment.

I really don't know what you would like to see. Give an example of what it is you would want out of the game. Shooters are very samey anymore and it's harder and harder to come up with new ideas and such... All I can say is game on bro and hope you enjoy it =D

ape0073610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I think that killzone 2 will be good but

it's kinda slow and heavy

I think resistance 2 will be a better game

don't get me wrong,that's my expectation,it could change the moment I play it.

let's wait and see

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The story is too old to be commented.