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The PSVita was built in Challenge to the Smart Device function of Remote Access

joeorc | 790d ago
User blog

and Not the 3DS

You can call it concession, to Nintendo if you will for the crown of the king of Mobile Gaming, you would be right, but what is more important, is there may not be any dedicated Mobile Handheld Gaming Systems anymore of large size of market share strength, if Nintendo or Sony did nothing to stop smart device companies making devices to challenge this part of the market.

Smart Devices by the very Nature of design, are already set for absorbtion of markets, they already done so with Dedicated PDA's, and Sony knows this 1st hand. This has happened already.

when Sony 1st released info on the PSVita it was also on stage we 1st saw "playstation suite" or as it is known today as Playstation Mobile. Day and Date release along side of the NGP or as it is known today as the PSVita.

If you stop to think about it, that's exactly what The PSVita was designed to do.
An Will Do it effectively
Many times i see more and more, people keep saying that the PSVita does not have a Game library to that of the 3DS, that come's out and Pop's and says to the Consumer, Buy me! while they keep Hammering Home how poor the sales of the PSVita are right now. and the fact that its a failure of a system. While I would say if you were just putting it against the Nintendo 3DS by itself, as the only system in the market to put it against than yes you could very well call it a failure to gain any real market share or Mind share.

Though, the real truth of the matter is the Nintendo DS brand and the Playstation PS branded Mobile Handheld Game systems like the PSP are not the only two options from companies any more for Mobile gaming.

The Truth for Sony, not only is the PSVita a winner for Sony in being ready for what is ahead for this part of the Market, but has in fact made by default, The only dedicated Game Handheld by its design and function to challenge and to keep a direct wall of impediment to Smart devices from an almost complete Absorbtion of a portion of this part of the market.

While the Nintendo 3DS is a fantastic Handheld for gaming. The device it self is not designed to protect a part of this market from being over ran by smart devices, and Nintendo would have to make several new revisions to such of the DS platform to make such a direct wall for smartphone's or Tablets to be @ an impediment.

This is where Nintendo and Sony both differ in the design of each of the Handhelds they produce in the core Direction on what the device is set for this part of the market, is being designed to do.

Now many may say that this is just a fanboy, View of thing's and as a means to just defend Sony and Down play Nintendo's complete thrashing of the Sony PSVita with the Nintendo 3DS. That is not true at all, I full on agree that Nintendo has completely Dominated the PSVita with the 3DS in Market share and Mind share, that's not really the Point of what this piece is about. Some May say that every thing else does not matter, and that only Mind share and Market share is what really matter's. And while on One case that is completely Viable of a view, it is also not the only thing that matter's. As there is also other thing's that matter, and that market Dynamics change and in the mobile handheld space that change is Quick many times before you can change with it, and you may end up worse than when you start off, because you were not set with preparedness to offset such quick changes in the first place.


Back before 1998 windows CE was the challenger to Palm OS.
Palm OS had the largest # of PDA devices out in the market Powered by that OS. Microsoft in 1999 really hit its stride with Windows CE , or Pocket PC many devices Like the HP, COMPAQ IPAQ with its Pocket PC OS changed the direction of the market from mainly a Palm OS dominated Handheld Market to one of windows Pocket PC or Windows CE if you will, not just for PDA's but soon to be Mobile Phones. at one time, Microsoft's pocket PC OS or windows Mobile had over 80% of all smart devices at the time was powered by the Windows Mobile OS for smartphone's at wich point the smartphone absorbed the PDA market into itself while the dedicated PDA is still here today its delegated to very, very nich use's, than Apple and Google changed all that with the IOS and Android.

Now Microsoft's Windows Phone OS has less than 5% world wide of the market with the OS as the main OS on smart devices. when at one time it was over 80%

Nintendo, while having such a very large market share and Mind share of the dedicated HandHeld Game system Market % all to themselves, and Even though Sony has given concession to that Dominance by Nintendo, Sony's Dedicated Handheld Game system's are the 2nd largest in market share way behind NINTENDO.

But it is Sony that HAS more preparedess AGAINST SMART DEVICES THAN Nintendo!
And it is this preparedness, that Kaz and Company over at Sony is counting on, be that it work out or Not, Sony's Only Real Option is that At least they are going to try.

What this is going to be Mainly about is Like Sony's Mistake they took to heart, about the Faults about the PS3, Sony also did not want to end up with no real Further Exit Point if you will to be Boxed in, if the Consumer is mainly going with Smart Devices instead of Dedicated Handheld Gaming systems with all your Gaming Content on the go for example:

With App store Purchase, be that iOS, Or Android your same content can be on all your devices you own, buy Once its on any smart device that can run it that you own. Sony has taken that to not just mean that you have to be downloaded to every device and that you download it to each device, but that can be you can stream to every device you own all your content, Now that's of course Legacy owned Content my have problems, but forward on that can mean any content that be it made for smartphone or Tablet, or Living room Game console, all of it can be streamed to your device, no matter where you are as long as you have access to the internet. if you want just local streaming inside your house you can do that two. but all from the same device.

Now with Nintendo, the WiiU does this with , the WiiU game Pad, but with the 3DS or the 3DSXL being in hardware not as robust, Nintendo would have release a much more expensive hardware DS to be able to do such the task required for such functionality. the Main Problem with that is , Nintendo's online structure is not readily accessible for such functionality just yet, while Microsoft and Sony's and most all Smartdevices with advanced Networks are example Uverse, Time Warner, etc are already investing heavy into remote Access streaming in this case Gaming being more and More invested into.

but the thing is, Sony's PSVita is the Most readily prepared Gaming handheld, with the Hardware that would be needed for such functionality, that could handle much more intensive Game functionality that frankly, if you are wanting to take any game in your archive with you, the only other dedicated handheld that comes even close to the PSVita is the Nvidia Shield, and even than the shield does not have its GPU with 128 MB of dedicated Video Ram set aside for it.

The PSVita Does! that's why, when you look at where the Market dynamic's are set for Change, if you were Kaz, trying to challenge Nintendo for the Dedicated Handheld Gaming Crown is pretty much a loss leader for Sony anyway, at this point, because the writing is already on the Wall.

That does not mean, that the PSVita is not getting invested into by Sony or that Sony is going to leave it on the vine to die, it just means that Sony has to wait it out, Invest slow and steady, because the smartphones and tablets are as a main function to connect to your living room smart TV, sling box, for streaming content, many times your smart TV has the or will have the same app's as your smartphone or Tablet. What is mainly going on is more and more device companies are including such functionality from the get go into your device, which games like candy crush for instance is making over $620,000.00 a day!. Many 3rd Party Developer's are not going to ignore those number's, big publisher's are not going to ignore those number's, that is exactly why Sony is courting the indie developer.

And Since the PS4 will be able to steam the majority of the PS4 games to the PSVita, many big time publisher only have to make the game to the PS4 Anyway.

the Point being , Sony was left with a choice, invest into a handheld that over time becomes a extension by default to your living room, and becomes the best extended living room remote access point handheld to game on, or challenge Nintendo head on, and loose far more Investment $$$ to gather a small % of an every shrinking market share of dedicated Mobile gaming handheld share's when , just by sheer number's alone of device producer's far and away outstrip both Nintendo an Sony's 3DS+PSVITA distributed number's 10 to 1 in devices, and also in software sales.

3RD party developer's are plenty on the 3DS, but there are far more 3rd party developer's in support of Smartdevices and tablets than there are for dedicated Game handhelds. Sony is at least trying to bolster dedicated Game handhelds as a viable choice to gather the 3rd party smart device developer's, that if they are going to choose to develop for a living room console to also consider the PSVita also while they are at it, Microsoft is also doing that with SmartGlass. Nintendo really does not have such an option.

As more time goes in the next few year's Nintendo may be left behind wondering what has happened to the Dedicated Handheld Game console market as the smart device swallows up the largest chunk. Sony's aim is to slow down that process in order to stay viable in the dedicated handheld Market, Nintendo may have a very large leadership role, that could all go away if they are not careful. Sony has had direct experience with such, remember the Cliqe? they made many Palm OS PDA's and that got Absorbed, this time it seems Sony is not taking the Smartphone, or tablet threat very lightly.

Nintendo on the other hand, it seem's is.

Evil_Abed  +   788d ago
At first it was said by the fans that Vita was not competing with smart devices and would remain unaffected by their surge in popularity. Now it seems we are to believe the Vita's very reason of existence is in fact to fight off smart device domination.

Apparently Vita is winning this fight by not selling very well and by Sony's own admission, being hurt by the mobile market.
Excuse me if I roll my eyes as I laugh off and dismiss this latest attempt at painting the vita as anything more than a failure.
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XboxFun  +   787d ago
"Now many may say that this is just a fanboy, View of thing's and as a means to just defend Sony and Down play Nintendo's complete thrashing of the Sony PSVita with the Nintendo 3DS."

Exactly, you should have just started this long winded blog with the exact statement made above. I applaud your spinning, defending and making up any excuse for the Vita's failure. And downplaying Nintendo's very successful 3ds as them not taking the smartphone serious..? Really?

Truly a blind fanboys view on what is going on.
joeorc  +   787d ago
Yes you can disagree with me, but it does not change the fact's that i am right. I have the Data to back up my point's.


" I applaud your spinning, defending and making up any excuse for the Vita's failure. And downplaying Nintendo's very successful 3ds as them not taking the smartphone serious..? Really? "

Oh' for pete's sake, i am not downplaying anything, and you calling the PSVita a failure, shows just how much straw mans argument you and other's are trying to keep claiming the PSVita is a failure, but yet it has not been pulled off the retail shelf by the very fact its still being carried, and still being reordered!

calling it a failure , does not mean it is!
and How is the PSVita , being better prepared against Smartphones take away from the 3DS's fantastic sales? It does not, So you saying im and i quote

"And downplaying Nintendo's very successful 3ds" How am i doing that? really

How am what i am pointing out is not completely true about nintendo's online structure, no where near as invested in it as what Microsoft and Sony has, not correct?

Its very clear this piece has really touched a nerve it Seems and, it seems some gamer's cannot accept that maybe, just Maybe Sony's direction for the PSVita was not set the same as Nintendo's and that there may be in fact an Advantage over the direction that Nintendo did not include with the 3DS's design for the mobile market.

you state this:

"Truly a blind fanboys view on what is going on."

Ok what's really going on the blunt truth of the matter is this:

what you are stating makes not a d@mn lick of sense!

out of all other mobile dedicated game handheld system sales, other than Nintendo name any other company that makes, a dedicated game handheld that has more market share % even close to Nintendo other than Sony.

Nvidia shield? Nope
Archos Game pad? Nope
Wiki Pad? Nope

thus where is this challenge of saying the 2nd largest market share holder is a failure? why is this even being entertained as a viable Opinion, so let me get this straight, by any other company to even reach the Number's that Sony has? there is none so what you are asking is the #2 largest Market share holder in this part of the market to have its product be seen as a Failure?

Really? if this was Microsoft sitting @ #2 in the dedicated Mobile handheld Game system market, would you tell them that the system is a failure also? Because that is exactly what you are claiming here

How about Google, Apple, Toshiba? Etc.
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XboxFun  +   787d ago
Once again a lot of words saying and validating nothing.

Sony has lowered the expectations of sales for the handheld, Sony has admitted the Vita did horrible, Sony has cut the price of the system, the 3DS continues to outsell it by a huge lead regardless of Vita's superior hardware and remote play features. It continues to get criticized by all journalists and publications, hardly any AAA dev support which is why Sony must rely on indie titles to boost the game support.

This sounds like a successful hardware piece?

Sony won't drop support because they have invested so much into it the same way Nintendo has the WiiU. As it stands now the Vita is a failed device whether Sony can turn that around remains to be seen.

But no amount of long winded spin and what you "personally" believe or think of Sony's true intention for the device will change the fact of Vita is doing horrible and has failed.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   782d ago
"Once again a lot of words saying and validating nothing."
An ode to your reading comprehension.
miyamoto  +   785d ago
If I were you I would waste my time on this short sighted ignoramouses, Joeorc.

Shuhei Yoshida, Hideo Kojima, Kaz Hirai, Andrew House already stated that the PlayStation brand will evolve into a software based service transcending hardware boundaries and limitations.

As usual time will come these anti -Playstation extremists and their favorite brand will be "caught with their pants down" when Sony's long term gaming plans finally arrives like they did with the PS4.

Knowing Nintendo and M$ track record and current performance I don't think they are well prepared nor ready for the future of gaming.
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joeorc  +   787d ago

"At first it was said by the fans that Vita was not competing with smart devices and would remain unaffected by their surge in popularity. "

who said that? a small number of gamer's on "gamer centric forums?"

Hey gamer's say quite a bit of thing's, that does not meaqn the majority said it, which you seem to be implying.

"Now it seems we are to believe the Vita's very reason of existence is in fact to fight off smart device domination. "

OMG , did you even read what i stated? because it was never going to fight off smart device Domination, because that's not what the design is for..OMFG.

Once again, it was meant to stave off Absorbtion, of the Remote Access function, why do you think Sony's used the very same d@mn chipset GPU that the iPad III is using, with increased clock rate in the PSVita? do you not get that? the dedicated PDA was Absorbed, its not a matter of If only a matter of when!, why do you think the very day and date on stage when Sony showed off NGP for the very first time, Ie: The Playstation Vita, Sony showed off and talked about Playstation Mobile?

Why do you think the PSVita TV has been released so quick, designing the PSVita TV was not just done over night! do you really think that was development in under a year? the PSVita is barely 2 years old now! that means they had the PSVita TV well in development at the time of the PSVita's release!

that means it was not just going to be a platform to be only a Mobile Handheld games system like the PSP.

"Apparently Vita is winning this fight by not selling very well and by Sony's own admission, being hurt by the mobile market. "



How is the PSVita failing?

Failing really compared to what; the 3DS?

So Sony is 2nd place , and that some how translate into a failed system? were you this aggressive in claiming a faild system for the Xbox, it did not make 1st place , hell the xbox360 is now 3rd place where the Nintendo wii is 1st and the PS3 is 2nd, does that make the xbox360 a failed system?

Of course not.

think of it this way, what is the most sales per year for system sales of the 3DS per year, if they are lucky 20 million? which is fantastic, no argument, but that is no where near the Apple iphone, the SAMSUNG gs4, hell per sales quarter sony is selling 10 million xperia's all running playstation mobile on the smartphones. Not only has this part of the market been completely not just in hardware, but software sales also, that than makes Nintendo not even 1st place any more also, does that make Nintendo system a failure?

No! just because you are not #1 in this part of the market and the market leader has a large chunk does not mean the 2nd largest holder of market share is a failure.

"Excuse me if I roll my eyes as I laugh off and dismiss this latest attempt at painting the vita as anything more than a failure."

the fact you and other's are so far trying so hard to paint the PSVita as a failure, when its clearly not, shows more about your Bias than my assessment of the PSVita's strengths to avoid market absorbtion by Smartphones and Tablets and Nintendo's lack of that defense built into product business plan for Nintendo's Hanhelds, which Sony has included into the business plan of the Mobile handheld game systems they produce.
KonsoruMasuta  +   787d ago
Of course phones are going to sell more than dedicated gaming handhelds. The majority of them aren't bought for the games though, so that arguement means nothing. The Vita hasn't failed yet but it's on it's way. When your competition sells 6x more than what you sell, that's not a good sign. Considering the Vita TV is bombing in Japan right now with abysmal sales, I don't think that whatever plan you think Sony has is working.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is still pushing units.
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joeorc  +   787d ago

"Of course phones are going to sell more than dedicated gaming handhelds. The majority of them aren't bought for the games though, so that arguement means nothing."

you may want to look at this Data again

Gartner Survey Says Entertainment Accounts for Half of Device Screen Time.


"The Vita hasn't failed yet but it's on it's way. When your competition sells 6x more than what you sell, that's not a good sign."

The mere fact that Nintendo has 6x the PSVita sales does not take away from the fact that..

A: the cost for development of games for the PSVita, along with studio manpower is quite alot more than the Nintendo 3DS and takes anywhere from 12 months to 18 months! the Nintendo 3DS is using quite outdated hardware than what the PSVita is using, so of course the team size and cost investment into its hardware for software development is quite a bit lower.

B: the PSVita is still the 2nd largest markshare holding system in dedicated game hanhelds this generation! The fact that the Nintendo 3ds has the largest market share in this part of the market, is pretty moot , because unless your 1st party the largest 3rd party priority platform for games and publisher's is smart devices!

C: unless this part of the market dry's up both the 3DS and the PSVita are still going to be on the market, Once again the PSVita's install base is in the millions already! if it was going to be pulled quickly it would have already been pulled from the market already, its being sold @ profit already , so again the PSVita is no where near 1st but it is in a solid 2nd place, where the other challenger's so far are the Nvidia shield, the archos game pad, and The Wikipad. again the PSVita's market share is 2nd largest. Android far outstrips Microsoft's market share for windows Phone that does not mean windows phone is a failure.
KonsoruMasuta  +   787d ago

I think you should you should look at your link again.

It says 50% percent of tablet and smart phone use is for ETERTAINMET. That includes books, movies/TV, and music as well as games.

It says nothing about people buying them exclusively for games nor gives you a percentage of how much of that is gaming, but I can bet the percentage is smaller than TV and music.

I state what I said before. The majority don't buy them for the games.

The Dreamcast made it into the millions too. That didn't stop it from failing.
The Vita can easily go down that path.

And yes there are more 3rd party developers on smart devices. That's because anyone can make apps and put them up. Most of the games are shovelware and people tend to only play games from a few select developers.

On dedicated handhelds, the 3rd party devs are more experienced and better equipped. They also have more resources for better quality.
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joeorc  +   787d ago

"I think you should you should look at your link again.

It says 50% percent of tablet and smart phone use is for ETERTAINMET. That includes books, movies/TV, and music as well as games. "

Did you not read that link again, that is "usage" of! that's like saying im only buying a smartphone for communication! if that was the case the dumb, or full feature phone would do you ok without the need to purchase a smartphone or pay a month fee for Data usage, if you use data or not.

You can project sales of Phones , but as for reason's why is pretty much moot because entertainment App's is the main target Applications, and Gaming Apps far in number's outstrip Utility Applications.

and Calling a game

" shovelware " is pointless and Moot, when the very fact it is indeed a game. they are all designed to entertain, trying to put each and every game into a nice neat lil folder as Hardcore or casual is what many hardcore gamer's do, the reality is we are the minority, this market % cap is lucky is it attains 150 to 160 million systems sold per system life time!, that is in a 10 year point in time on the market, the ironic thing is samsung is selling 50 million+ Smartphones a sales Quarter! By default that is just one company, Like i stated before, NGP or the PSVita as it was knows, was designed as a hub extender 1st, because pay attention here, the WiiU's Game pad is at its very core a hub extension device!

Like i have been saying, WHAT Has At&t and Time Warner been running ads for as their main attraction now, for the consumer..your content anywhere with your smartphone or Tablet! iF YOU HAVE NOT Been paying Attention that is Remote Access, that's what networks are by the very nature of the functionality they are built for, distribution of Data is just another function.

the point is, if you are making a game at its very core is the design that is what they are doing than that is the point to the software and that is to entertain the Consumer! and gain income for the developer and publisher.

The Quality is subjective for each person, just because its not up to certain gamer's standards for what is an entertaining game, does not mean other Gamer's may not view the game in better standing's. Its subjective. what you or I call " "shovelware" may not be for other's and stating that as some kind of negative against the smart phone game archive vs dedicated handhelds, is pretty moot, because without the 3rd party or 1st party they are just hunks of plastic and metal.

When Candy crush is making over $620,000 a day, you or i may look at that game and Say , that is one heck of " shovelware " game, but if some girl or guy is playing that game more than 10 hours a week is that not than a hardcore game for that person, but not for us?
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Pillsbury1  +   787d ago
As much as us hardcore gamers would like to think otherwise, we make up a small percentage of the game market. Those that are willing to buy hardcore devices like a vita are small compared to those that want to casual game on a handheld whether it be smartphone or tablet. I love my vita and have been enjoying killzone, hotline Miami and spelunky. Although we would like handhelds to sell much better, the people that want tablets will never return to dedicated handheld game machines.
joeorc  +   787d ago
Exactly 100% Pillsbury1, do you think Kaz did not see that trend in Mobile? for instance:

"again @KonsoruMasuta"

you are stating:

"The Dreamcast made it into the millions too. That didn't stop it from failing.
The Vita can easily go down that path. "

but , like i stated was the Dreamcast the only other product in that market? No. that's the point out of Nintendo, Sony once again has the 2nd largest share of this part of the market. and the simple fact that even though its not selling millions in per sales Quarter, it is still selling none the less.

"KonsoruMasuta" stated that:

(The Dreamcast made it into the millions too. That didn't stop it from failing.
The Vita can easily go down that path.)

if retail chains stop carrying the system than that's one thing, if you want to talk failed product launches you bring up the Dreamcast, but yet the PSPGo was pulled from the market much faster than the dreamcast! but yet the PSVita has not been pulled, and the fact its still sell weekly in at least a size able number's it must be enough world wide to not be pulled @ retail. even if the number's are small.

as Pillsbury1, was saying this part of the market, while is a chunk of a market, it is indeed a small % of the market, So when Sony 1st showed off the PSVita, why talk about the Playstation Mobile platform? do you think Sony was looking to Hedge the bet against the PSVita? or if that was the case why invest into the PSVita in the first place?

Many it seems only want to look at this as just the PSVita vs the 3DS to determine Market viability, and that's no longer the case, the Smartphone and Tablet has , this is not an if anymore, smartphones "HAVE" disrupted this part of the Market. Instead of making the PSVita as "just another platform for mobile gaming" Sony made the PSVita as a living room extender for your content you purchase or rent. think about it, you purchase PSN+ you get so many games per month if the PSVita was doing so poor and no one wanted it, why would Sony continue to invest into the platform? its

very simple, they have no other choice, you really think that out of the big three, that Sony was going to be the only one out of the three with no living room extender?

Microsoft has windows Smartglass, Nintendo has the WiiU tablet game controller. Sony has had ever since the 1st PSP to extend content from the living room to that of the Playstation portable, if you notice the PSVita is not the Playstation Portable, its not designed like the PSP was, its not using Mips processor's. its using Arm Cortex, the very same high end chips that 97% of the largest market leader's of smart devices are using.

do you think that the PSVita is or was ever going to be the market leader in this part of the market?, more to the point did Sony think so? I would say no they were going to try but they knew the % chance was going to be quite small for this market since the smartphone is the main mobile platform Aple and Google's Android made sure of that, because like i said, day in date on stage at the press event taking up the PSVita's time to be shown off, sony talks about the playstation Suite!

Sony buys out sony ericsson for 1.6+ billion, than not even a month past the 2nd year of the PSVita being on the market Sony releases the PSVita TV!

Some may say that's desperation, but that fly's in the face that once again if Sony was just concentrating on a playstation Portable, why give any real time to the "playstation suite"
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RogerTriton  +   783d ago
tl; fa
Way too big of a deal is being made about these smart devices. Not every kid wants to play games on an iphone or android. Maybe the teens and adults have been mesmerized by the thought of dropping $300+ on a phone just so they can be '1337' but the kids just want to play games.

As long as Nintendo keeps its games OFF ios devices and exclusive to the 3DS/2DS, it will keep the market from diluting enough that the platform will no longer matter.

btw, how dem Vita sales going? Have you actually seen how Nintendo is trashing Sony in portable sales? Hmmm???
smokeyjoekenobi  +   783d ago
So if you bend all of the information at your disposal to your purpose you can make anything seem successful, even the vita, that's your point, right? In all seriousness though reading your meandering and far too often poorly structured commentary/point of view, your sony defence seems to involve not talking directly about the vita, but rather around it and by brushing away the 3ds''s comparative success. Frankly you couldn't be more biased, I could see your fanboy after reading it !

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