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Remember Bruce Lee?

With several iphone games at your fingertips, a sleeper is amongst us… what is it you ask? Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior for the high price of $.99. I found this iphone game accidentally on The website is designed by Bruce Lee’s daughter and there’s even an online store to purchase shirts and posters of the great martial artist. If you like street fighter, just give this a try. The game play and sound effect are outstanding. Not to mention while playing as Bruce Lee’s his in game gestures are hilarious and brings back many great memories from his action movies in 1970′s. There’s a story mode, Arcade Mode and Time Trials Mode. Touch controls are easy to use and mastering a finish move will have stunned with realism. So give it go for only $.99. This is a must have for any Bruce Lee fan. Enjoy

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hougigo2656d ago

Ohhh what? Shit, i wish i had a iphone now... or at least an I something....

f00pgames2652d ago

I love Bruce Lee, I too wish I had an iPhone