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Resident Evil 4 sucks (in a way that is)

Before I share my thoughts on this topic, let me just say: Hello there, inter webs! This is my first post on this site and frankly, my very first blogpost ever. With that out of the way, let's discuss Resident Evil 4.

While I agree with most that Resident Evil 4 is a great game, I think it sucks as both a survival horror game and a Resident Evil sequel. How is that possible, you ask? Well in my humble opinion, they disguised a well made action game as a horror game. Well what's wrong with that, you ask? Everything, my patient reader! You see, Resident evil 4 may be the greatest game ever created, but it came at a price. A price most of you people won't care about, but actually should.

Still with me? Good. Now, as you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of the older Resident Evil games. The tanky controls, the clumsy combat, the annoying fixed camera angles, love all of it. If you're having trouble understanding that, then the original Resident Evils probably aren't for you. While it's true the series could've used a fresh breath of air, none of what made the previous Resident Evils great (in my eyes), was carried over to Resident Evil 4. Apart from the cheesy voice-acting and storyline that is.

"AHA!" Some of you might say. "Maybe Resident Evil 4 isn't for you then!" Well no, I love the game after I gave it a chance, and probably would've loved it from the get go if it wasn't marketed as a Resident Evil game. You see, Resident Evil was made for fans of the survival horror genre. You know, us masochists who love to dread the loss of an hour progress, because we couldn't save at that typewriter, because we dumped the ink ribbons in favor of that green herb we now used to get from danger to orange caution, and we're a loading screen door away from facing that hunter (which is conveniantly guarding the save room) with nothing but our 2 handgun bullets and clunky controls.. Ahem, you get the idea. To have a sequel that, let's be honest: Isn't that scary, punishing, or.. Resident Evilly (Is that a word? I believe it is...) in favor of a broader audience is just.. Well a camel really. Or a horse designed by committee to be more precise. A rather good camel-horse, but a horse-camel none the less. And there people, lies the root of the problem! You see, if they make an action game, with survival horror elements to draw in that crowd, and add xp to keep the rpg geeks happy (I'm sorry, but you guys are geeks), perhaps add a little nip slip for the pervs out there and voila.. All of them have a mediocre experience because none of them were targeted specifically. Now hold your camally horses! I am NOT calling Resi 4 a mediocre game! They just tried to pass it off as an action game AND a survival horror game, which naturally but ironically left the horror fans wanting. And that's the price horror fans paid for Resident Evil 4. Not a big deal, you might say as a non horror fan scaredy pants. Well no.. it wouldn't be if it wasn't happening all over the industry. Now, I could've used the great Dragon age and the mediocre dragon age 2 to prove the same point, but I like using Resident Evil 4 because it's such an excellent action game!

All I'm really saying that they should've named the game something different.. Like: That chainsaw guy, or.. Backstreet boy vs spaniards..

Off to a great start.. Perhaps that last bit would've sufficed, saving us both time. Well, at least I know that for next time.

Gary Stu, out.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Hey nice blog dude!
I feel exactly the same about RE4.
I'm a huge fan of the older games (flaws an all) and RE4 was a big letdown for me personally.
The game is amazing and I loved playing it but the horror was near none existent and the story leading up to Leon and Claire heading to Umbrella corporations was just cancelled.
Instead we had the lamest excuse for an RE plotline to date.
Leon Kennedy saving the president's daughter? why? it's just dumb and really cliche. Cave trolls and giant moving was just all a bit silly.

Anyway Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games ever made.
Is it the best Resident Evil game though? not by a long shot.