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3rd Party Exclusives: Will they Return Later On?

First off, I mean FULL exclusives. Not on PC, just full exclusives. I've noticed we're seeing a lot of 1st party exclusives, which are ALWAYS key. At this years E3, we saw a lot of great 3rd party games, which we thought were exclusives. Like Final Fantasy XV. As you may know, that game was originally named Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I found it quite strange that Square Enix was putting it on the XB1. This was Square's perfect chance to make this game exclusive to PS4. I seriously think the FF series as well as KH should be exclusive to PS4. Same goes for Kingdom Hearts III. I was also a bit annoyed. I know Square Enix needs the money right now, but the fact is even if it was exclusive to PS4 they would be swimming in money, as all these games will sell best on PS4 even if they do end up on PC (highly doubt it though). FF Versus was promised to be a PS3 exclusive. I was actually hyper when they announced it for the PS4, the only thing that annoyed me was that it was for the XB1. KHIII is a game that ends the current saga so it's almost rendered pointless on putting it on the XB1, seeing as the story is so convoluted. I know Nintendo has the most spinoffs, but they have none of the two numbered titles and only two of their spinoffs have any story significance. I think BBS is the most important and seeing as the PS3 is getting KH 1.5 and most likely 2.5 exclusively, that leaves Nintendo with nothing really significant. Yoichi Wada, the former CEO has now been... moved to chairman of the board. He won't be able to make any big decisions. He seemed to have a thing for the 360, seeing as he's lets Square produce exclusives for that but none on PS3. Most likely because the 360 was easier to develop for. Now the PS4 is much easier to develop for and has more power. My point is, I was disappointed that those 2 games weren't exclusives to PS4. The XB1 versions make them both take more time, higher development costs and they would both be held back by the XB1. That's not to say it's not next gen. I'm just saying the PS4 is more powerful and deserves to be able to show it. And don't forget, both of these games were announced for the Xbox One when it still had the DRM, so I almost found it insulting. Obviously, the full power of the PS4 will not be used for years, but the progress of the power would be show through years. A lot of 3rd party games were what we thought were exclusives. So my question is this. Do you think we'll see more 3rd party exclusives later on, from developers being more used to the tech and as Sony and MS lock more exclusives? Right now, Sony and MS are really focusing on getting the 1st party games out there to gain momentum for their consoles first, then use the money for a few 3rd party exclusives, which is probably a factor in why Sony didn't lock FFXV and KH3 as exclusives. I know the PS4 might get exclusive content but still. That's how I see it. I expect Sony to lock a lot of Japanese 3rd party exclusives and MS to lock a few western exclusives here and there later on. 3rd party exclusives are always things that I love. I'd really rather not see these games come to PC and if they do anyway, it'' be a one time deal. What do you guys think?

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colonel1791561d ago

I don't think Final Fantasy XV will be affected by Xbox One, because after all, it was supposed to be a PS3 game, and I don't think they will add more improvements just because they are on next gen consoles. However, I think that having to port it to the Xbox will take more time, which is a slap in the face to the fans who have waited for 8 years already. At least it should be a PS timed exclusive.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was a weird decision to make it for the Xbox. There has not been a game for it and even the HD remaster KH 1.5 was not for Xbox (which I would guess they will port it by the time 2.5 is announced though). Even though it was announced, in the slim chance that the Xbox One doesn't sell as well as hoped and/or FF XV doesn't sell as well either, the game might get cancelled for Xbox One.

Let's see how it goes, but one thing for sure is that Square Enix hasn't pulled their heads out of their a$$es..

EXVirtual1561d ago

I think who really made this decision was Yoichi Wada. He seemed to have a thing for the 360. He probably made the decision to make these games exclusive. He's now the chairman of the board, so he won't be making any big decisions. I'm going as far as thinking if LRFFXIII doesn't do well enough on the 360, they might even cancel FFXV and KH3 for Xbox. It does seem that Square does wanna go exclusive. Look at the HD remasters of KH and FFX. They're exclusive to PS3. The only reason LR is on the 360 is because it's a higher budget project and Square needs the money. I do think that after these tow games bomb on xb1 the sequels like FFXVI, FFXV-2 and KH4 and stuff will be exclusive.

Software_Lover1560d ago

PS4 getting held back by XBone!!!!!!!!!

WTF are you people smoking. You have to be uneducated children or something.

Blu-ray disc................check
The same 8 core AMD APU.....check
Online......................c heck

The only thing that will be different are the customizations both have made to the APU. The differences, if any, will be only noticeable if you use a microscope to count grass.

shivvy241558d ago

Insomniac are making an exclusive on both consoles , Sunset Overdrive (X1) , Ratchet Nexus (PS3) at the same time ! i dont think any 3rd party have done that in the history of gaming !

GameCents1560d ago

Diablo III shouldn't come to PS4 then. Neither should The Witcher 3. Just using your logic that if previous iterations of a series have not been released on a console brand then ALL subsequent games in the series should skip the console.

Lets forget that people play games and not consoles. Lets forget that not everybody who buys a PS4 has necessarily had a PS3.

EXVirtual1560d ago

No. Not every game. Certain franchises should be. I don't like the 360, but I'll be the first to say Mass Effect should've stayed exclusive to it. I also don't like the fact that the PS4 gets held back by the Xbox One.

Elda1560d ago

IMO...I think some higher ups in Squares camp has love for XB also,due to the fact the 360 has gotten at least 3 or 4 exclusives from Square & the PS3 has not,the one they promised to be exclusive to the PS3 (FFvsXIII) they renamed & now it's a multi plat.

colonel1791559d ago

It a freaking kick in the nuts to fans. I remember when Wada said at the beginning of this gen that they wouldn't support the PS3 too much because it wouldn't be fair, but they also wouldn't support the Xbox too much. Yeah right.. Not ONE Square Enix's excusilve was released for the PS3 while there were like 4 Xbox exclusives.

Also, Nomura was confirming time and time again that Versus XIII was never going multiplatform. Great way to stab fans yet again by changing the name and saying: Well it's not Versus XIII. This company is a joke, and after they release KH3, I will never buy a game from then again. And I am just praying that they don't fcuk KH3, because lately even Nomura can't be trusted.

Zephyrus_8081559d ago

All those SE games which were 360-exclusive were most likely the result of MS throwing money at them in an attempt to try and compete in the Japanese market. Despite this, they still failed in that market.

It's strange to see both of the games you go multi-platform. I suppose FFXIII was an indication of their plans in terms of platforms they would work with, but KHIII really was a surprise. KHIII on the PS4 and the WiiU, I could see and definitely understand, but on a platform that has never had any previous KH titles? That I find strange. Oh well, money talks - SE happen to need a lot of it right now and MS happen to have a lot if it. I am, however, still waiting for a Playstation exclusive from SE. First it was FFXIII, then it was going to be FFVXIII, with people assuming that KHIII would also be exclusive. Hopefully one day it will turn up.

I personally think the age of the third-party exclusive is dead. I don't see this as a bad thing - if anything, it's a testament to how strong the Playstation brand is. The fact that many previous PS exclusives are going multiplatform means that at some point, all of those franchises used to be exclusive. I'm willing to bet that not much convincing had to be done to make a game PS2 exclusive, given its market dominance. All in all, FF and KH going multiplatform is irrelevant to me. I'm getting a PS4. What happens on the XB1 is not my business. As far as I'm concerned, it may as well not exist.

EXVirtual1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Exactly. I also think M$ was throwing money at Square to put these 2 games on Xbone. My main thing is, both these games should've been exclusives. They could've taken advantage of some of the 7GB of GDDR5 RAM in the PS4. FFVXIII was promised to be a PS3 exclusive. I actually prefer that it's FFXV now and it's on PS4 for more power to be used and it deserves to be a main title. The thing that annoys me about it was that it's on the Xbone. KH3 was a dumbass decision, because the majority of the Xbox audience haven't played KH and only really care about FPS'. I'm really hoping Square Enix realises that their games don't get any support on the Xbox. Like I said, this was their chance to make FF exclusive to PlayStation, like the fans have been asking for since FFXIII's release. I think these games will do extremely badly on the Xbone. Especially for when M$ put back in the DRM. Like I said, in 2-3 years, games will be using more and more RAM. That just means watered down ports for the XB1 from the Western devs and no games from the Japanese side. I understand that SE needs the money. So I'll accept it for these 2 games only. And if FFXV does badly enough on the XB1 (which it will), I'm gonna rally for KH3 to be exclusive to PS4. Either way ALL of the FF and KH games should be exclusive to PS4 and the PlayStation brand. That's where they do best. FFXV-2, FFXVI and KH4, so and so forth should be exclusive to PS4, as these games will be out later on in the gen, when M$' Xbone power is shown to be weaker then the PS4 and after MS put back in the DRM. I also expect Sony to try and lock them as exclusives. Either way I'm gonna enjoy these games on my PS4. The PS4 versions will run and play better and will most likely have exclusive content. @colonel179, I'm still gonna support SE, but I'm expecting and hoping they'll go exclusive to PS4 after these games. M$ doesn't deserve any of their games because the didn't help them at all with those cheesy ass exclusive on Xbox. The new CEO seems smart. I'm betting he'll get the games after these made on PS4 hardware and exclusively to PS4.

admiralvic1559d ago

Am I the only one really confused by this article? I read it and I saw mention of a lot of square stuff and some outrage about how certain series appear on other consoles without people having prior knowledge on the system, but I don't see what that has to do with the title.

Anyway, your logic is flawed. Exclusives are great, but there are people that play everything and it's not like having another option is going to make the game worse. Furthermore, like movies / television, a lot of sequels are not directly related to the previous titles in a large or in some cases anyway.

As far as the title goes, there still are plenty of third party exclusives, but not as many because the market can't stand like that. Things like the crap NISA publishes tend to be all PS3 exclusives, just like MGS 4 and a ton of other titles.

JD_Shadow1559d ago

I don't think it'll be as troublesome as before because it seems like each system has about the same architecture around the board as opposed to what it was like with the PS3 and X360 where you had vastly different ways of how they did their job. Both systems will use Blu Ray, which is a definite plus to making that happen. So you might not see things cut or gimped for that reason. I didn't see as much concern over things this time. First parties should make the console exclusives, I think.

Thing is about the SE titles, though. I wonder why not a PC release for KH3 and FF15? They've seem to have begun to embrace the PC market lately (the Final Fantasy 7 PC re-release is on Steam and is pretty good and easily modded), and their Eidos releases only further to my belief on that. I can only imagine what KH3 or FF15 would look like on an ultra powerful gaming PC! If they want to make the two games multiplat, go all the way and give the PC some KH love, too!