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The State Of Gamer Discussions Online.

When mainstream media, or people not within the gaming culture, take a look at how gamers discuss things online; a clear sense of bewilderment and possibly disgust is a common opinion. Regardless of age or position in life, we gamers tend to speak colourfully about gaming at the best of times. Whether that be because of the idea of internet anonymity, attention seeking (or trolling for the lulz), or in retaliation to the aforementioned reasons and more, the only people who can understand why gamers talk the way we do is other gamers.

I submit the idea that none of us here or on any other gaming site that currently exists are terrible people who just go on attacking opinions and insulting people in real life. Rather, I believe we are all here not only due to a shared interest, but because we have the capability of venting frustrations to those of a like mind and that many, if not most of us, do likely express ourselves in improper ways relative to the issues or situations.

Whether you'd admit it or not, everyone here is a fanboy on some level. Being a fanboy isn't a bad thing, it is simply a higher degree of passion for something than an ordinary fan. Everything said or done on gaming websites is no different than the things said or done at sporting events, in forum discussions for other interests online, or in any non-official interaction amongst like-minded peers.

Personally speaking, I speak my mind and I do so uncensored for the most part. I encourage people to speak their mind in an uncensored fashion as well, even when we don't share the same opinion. So long as we are not mercilessly attacking each other with the most awful language possible and make threats against each other, then being honest and yet brash in the way we speak to each other shouldn't be a big deal. It's akin to trash talking essentially.

I personally don't believe that anyone here really takes what anyone else here says personally unless it is of the aforementioned merciless attacks or threat variety. We all know that people are free to like and buy what they want, and they will do so regardless of what anyone says on the internet, but that doesn't stop us from having an opinion about something and expressing it.

Gamers as a group are a lot more vocal, a lot more passionate than many not familiar with the medium are used to seeing for something that is, comparatively, such a young medium of entertainment. I believe that this is an asset though, not a liability. We should be free to be honest, we should be free to be expressive, and so long as we aren't bullying anyone or making threats against anyone then we should be free to speak as we choose even if it involves trash talking, gamer-centric language that doesn't exist in the Oxford Dictionary.

Unfortunately the nanny-state approach permeates everything and people with vindictive personalities, or people who choose to easily be offended by anything will do their damndest to silence people and rules and regulations for such censorship exist everywhere. One can definitely see the benefit of restricting comments that are malicious as no one should have to put up with things like racism or threats in comments. That's understandable. However censoring people for paltry trash talk phrases like SDF (Sony Defense Force), or Nintendrone, or Xbot? That's micromanagement at best but I digress.

Here's the real meat of the issue. Gaming discussions online are literally no different than sports discussions, car discussions, hell even tv show discussions. I'm 100% certain that everyone here has been to a non-gaming site that discusses some other passion and has seen the exact same kind of language being used only with different adjectives appropriate to the subject. It's just the way things are when it comes to hobbies.

I'm also 100% certain that despite my own altercations with individuals on this site, I could have a gaming session with any one of you and have an absolute blast of a time. We'd trash talk each other, play the game, and just generally be completely different in that situation than we are here. That's one thing about gamers that I feel is unique in the world of hobbies. We may talk trash online, but when we're gaming together it's all about the game and having a good time and anything else doesn't matter.

I know for a fact that plenty of you would destroy me in any FPS game, but I also know that you wouldn't begrudge me a match so that we could just enjoy gaming the way it was meant to. At the end of the day, that's what we all do and that's how we all are. Just gamers looking for something to play and someone to play it with no matter what it is we just said here on N4G or IGN or anywhere else.

So call me whatever you want in the comments, say whatever you like however you want to say it. I encourage it because you're just doing what we all do here. Speaking our minds, being honest at least in the sense of expression, and being literally no different than anyone else in the world discussing something they love. But if you and I ever have the chance to game together, I know we'll have fun no matter who wins or loses and no matter what console (or PC) it's on.

Game on.

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Septic1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I've had my beef with you a few times on the comments section but when it comes down to it, I would be more than happy to play a game with I can SHOOT YOU IN THE FRIGGIN FACE! Nah, not really (but yes really).

I don't really take things to heart but there are times when you just want to reach out of someone's monitor and smack them.

However, reality really sets in when you actually meet someone in real life after you have spent a long time arguing with them online. Case in point, I used to argue with the user Abzdine on this very site all the time. I honestly couldn't stand his comments and we'd have our spats on the front pages all the time. Then we ended up PM'ing each other and actually finally met up at Gamescom in Germany and he turned out to be a really really nice guy. I consider him like an older brother now and have immense respect for him. Now, I just think, what a shame it would have been if I carried on 'e-hating' this guy because of silly (and it really is silly if you think about it) arguments we have online.

It's just the nature of it all I supposed. Anonymity, whilst having some advantages, also enables enmity to grow.

If the usual members all met up on here, I would bet that we would all get a long. I'm sure we would have a right laugh and I'd get a long with everyone (don't know about vice versa). Well except for Silent Negotiator...there's something about him that makes me wanna strangle him. I blame the picture of Red and the way he types. But I'm sure we'd get along IRL.....maybe....

darthv721646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

couldnt agree more. there are many who would think that my position on neutrality is a facade but it really isnt.

I have spent the majority of my gaming existence in the middle and i have the most respect for those who prefer to game on one platform so long as they can respect my preference to play the field.

Im not out to convince anyone that the middle is where they need to be. Im just in this hobby for the entertainment value. I have lived a life of a console gigolo for 30 years and Im not about to settle down with one platform just yet.

Gaming can be an addiction, it can be a hobby, it can be a way of life and it can be profitable but most importantly of was meant to be fun.

I tend to speak my mind but in a censored manner. I do it that way because it shows restraint and im too old to get into a verbal confrontation with all sorts of negative connotations back and forth. It really isnt worth it to add explicit language and derogatory phrases to make a point about if you like or dislike something. for me its easier to say...i dont like it and leave it at that. to each their own.

Septic1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Ah yeah darth, my days I think remarkably similar to you especially when you said this:

"there are many who would think that my position on neutrality is a facade but it really isnt. "

I've always been able to tell that you really were trying to be genuine so here's one user that believes you lol. #brohug

The most telling thing is, I've been called a PC elitist, a Sony fanboy, an Xbot and even a Nintendo fanboy , all of this on this site alone. I sometimes think, people must think I am some sort of platform chameleon lol but I honestly type what I think. I especially get drilled for defending Cliffy B (why does everyone hate him so much?! Actually..don't answer that).

But you're right darth...its a hobby and gaming is supposed to be fun. The gaming community being so hostile is such a MASSIVE shame. I went interviewing people at Eurogamer (video coming soon) regarding which platform they preferred and there were Sony fans, Xbox fans, Nintendo and PC fans standing side by side, most often actually friends with each other and I just thought, well, I wish the online community was the same.

Ah well....what can you do.../shrug

NewMonday1646d ago


"..consider him like an older brother"

thought the story was going somewhere else :p

on topic..

the thing that derails conversations is obvious dishonesty, at NeoGaf you need to back up your claims and separate claimed fact from opinion, and the mods can actually spot many astroturfers because membership requires a paid Email account.

rainslacker1646d ago

I think a lot of it comes down to the nature of the written word. Many times some context is lost because the tone of ones voice and mannerisms are lost when put in print. Because of this, and the fact we are anonymous internet users, all sense of empathy towards the other person is lost. Human nature perhaps, I dunno.

For instance. I tend to write a lot, and I tend to be very descriptive when I write. On here especially where the conversation is limited to a set number of comments based on bubbles.

In real life, I tend to listen more, and in a gaming discussion I will take arguments or points and address them on an individual level. In my written comments I realize I come off as condescending or mean at times to other users, however, more often than not, I'm pretty neutral in the way I actually feel about it. In real life I take a middle of the road approach with how I speak and don't become overly emotional like how my comments may come off at times.

I think the only "gamers" that really annoy me are the ones that act like they know everything(IRL). They act condescending and try to interject their opinion as fact in every conversation regardless of merit, even if it's not about gaming...I'm sure we all know someone like that, there's one in every GameStop, and it's likely we've all been grouped up with one of these God's gift to gaming gamers at some point. IRL I tend to ignore these people, and just nod my head when they do so, but on forums I will turn their argument around and express my own.

Otherwise, I have met some people from forums IRL or in online matches from time to time, and 95% of the time, they are always much more personable and act more respectfully than their online counterparts.

Ducky1646d ago

'Plumbers are red'

... this has been a terrible year for Luigi.

darthv721646d ago

It does seem that way. And yet i always preferred Luigi to mario. Maybe because Mario just kept letting Peach get taken and if Luigi was in charge it wouldnt happen. not on his watch.

But anyway, he did get his own super luigi game so it isnt all bad for him. he just needs more respect

cdrorbaugh1646d ago

You should never take thing's serious on the internet, as cheesy and corny as it sound's never judge a book by it's cover.. Now septic I was once like you argument after argument with someone, met up and look now turn's out we had a lot in common, now I am new here to this website, turn's out it has what I am looking for. But I hope we can all get along and keep this gaming community strong.

Ravenor1646d ago

NO! I still hate all of you.

But in all honesty, I still think about our argument that led you to ignoring me. I didn't believe that a Dark Souls MMO was possible, the essence of that game is so locked up in tight reflexes and the animation priority, I still think the latency would kill it. Your example was Dynasty Warriors Online, which I didn't agree with but what got to me the most, was when you told me I need to play more games. I don't have enough time in the day to play anymore! My backlog stretches back, and back, and back.

But you're alright Dragonknight, I'd rather argue with you than some others here.

steve30x1646d ago

I would take what DragonKnight has to say with a grain of salt. This person will start PM'ing you if he disagrees with what you have to say and runs out of bubbles. I had to block this person because he continually PM'd me months ago over something I said and they ran out of bubbles. This person is rude and just doesnt know when to give up

DragonKnight1643d ago

Yeah, this was discussed in PM and steve30x confused me with someone else because up until this comment we'd never had any interactions.

steve30x1643d ago

I take back what I said. I was thinking of somebody else. The Guy I was thinking of only has one bubble.

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