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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Make Your Halloween Party Rock(Band)!

Cat | 1943d ago
User blog

UPDATE: Thanks to all our entries, so much fun!! Winners will be announced Friday, October 22.

Want to add some RockBand to your Halloween party? Here's your chance! Harmonix has sent us five of their finest, and what are we if not truly awesome at sharing?

What's at stake:
LEGO RockBand (PS3)
Green Day RockBand (PS3)
RockBand Metal Track Pack (PS3)
The Beatles Rock Band (PS3)
RockBand 2 (PS3)

4 RockBand tees, and enough RockBand buttons and stickers for your whole band!

How to Enter:
- Comment on this Blog with a picture of your best gaming themed Jack-o-Lantern!

How to Win:
- Entries will be judged by N4G staff - we want to see serious devotion to the craft, so be creative!

More Details:
- You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once!
- Don't have a pumpkin to transform? Well, this is the internet, where finding loopholes thrives. Show us some masterful Photochoppery, or MS Painting, or whatever fuels that artistic fire!
- Five winners will be chosen by staff, with the first winner choosing their game first, second second, you know the drill. Winners 1-4 will receive t-shirts. All winners will receive buttons and stickers for their band.
- Games are for PS3, licensed for NA distribution only.
- You have until Midnight (PST) October 20, 2010 to enter. (NOTE: Due to some unexpected N4G downtime, the contest deadline has been extended)
- We want to be sure it's you, and your pumpkin. Give us a clue!
- If you've won a recent monthly N4G contest or other giveaway, you're still eligible to enter this one.

Ru  +   1943d ago
Trick or Treat Smell my Feet
Gimme some Rockband to beat!
Cool Contest Cat!
I actually PhotoShoped a N4G pumpkin a few years back on the forums just for fun!
Its actually really easy and fun to do for a chance at some free games!

BTW I'm partial to Mortal Kombat! ;D
Have fun!
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8-bit  +   1943d ago
You just opened a can of worms by allowing photoshop. Photoshop is what I do best, better than any of my other skills and better than anyone I know. I will be back with a submission you better believe.
LordMarius  +   1943d ago
- You have until Midnight (PST) October 19, 2010 to enter.

Thats really short notice for an art project. BTW am I able to enter....
Cat  +   1943d ago
Gotta judge and make sure the goodies can get to winners before Halloween! :D (yes, you can enter)
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JimRome  +   1942d ago
Overnight shipping is too much for a website. Who would have thought.

Regardless, I'm carving Fatman in a pumpkin. Then I'll put it on my porch to scare all the rodents, thieves, and chillen' away.
Myst  +   1943d ago
lol compared to my art class of drawing 2 that's about the same time I was given for an art project. At least Photoshop is available though whereas I had to do all mine by hand :p.
Myst  +   1943d ago
Well I guess I'm out, unless a drawing of a pumpkin with an artistic design is okay :) at least on rather large paper (it's sitting in my car so don't have the dimensions but I think it's 11xsomething). Don't have photoshop anymore and I can't carve worth crap [never carved before].

Well good luck to those who enter!

The paper is 18x24 I was way off lol.
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sdtarm  +   1943d ago
what is a "Jack-o-Lantern!" :/

Before u start facepalmin, take in mind English =/= First Language
Cat  +   1943d ago
LMGTFY :D It's a carved pumpkin!

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RockmanII7  +   1943d ago | Funny
I was about to ask what lmgtfy meant, but I decided to googled it. I guess I just lmgtfy'd myself :P
being_in_itself  +   1943d ago
JUST did the exact same thing. Hilarious!!!!
RockmanII7  +   1943d ago | Funny
I should win just for being first (you don't have to look at it though, just give me the prize =D)

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RockmanII7  +   1937d ago | Well said
Ok this time I was serious. I think I'm gonna win 2 Rock Band shirts :D

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Harry190  +   1943d ago
I went to Wal Mart
and stole a pumpkin. A strange man ran after me. My friend sacrificed himself and helped me get away. However, I tripped and fell, squashing the pumpkin. If you care for my friend who is now in jail, send him something.

I don't have a picture, just something I stole from Kotaku.

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being_in_itself  +   1943d ago
Thought I'd post a lil doodle I made while watching tonights lackluster game.

Black = pumpkin, white = fiery innards

Damn, having trouble posting an image...

EPIC FAIL - post it in the forums. Ima douche
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LostDjinn  +   1943d ago
What's funny here Cat is that I have all the artistic ability of a pumpkin.

I think people have to put up with enough in the way of bad jokes from me on this site already. I'm not going to put the staff through my attempt at art.

Best of luck to those entering though.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1942d ago
I won in the PAX Swag Giveaway and I read something either here or some other site that you are only allowed 1 prize per like 6 months or something, was that this site? and am I eligible to enter this? Dont know if I really have the time but want to know if I can enter before I even think about attempting this, thanks.
Cat  +   1942d ago
You are eligible for this contest as well!
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1942d ago
ok thanks for the info, but i realized i may really not have the time for this one, had some ideas in mind but its alot of work and i am no good at photoshop or carving haha, good luck to anyone that enters this, have fun with it
TheLastGuardian  +   1942d ago
Are any of them actual bundles or software only? I'd really like to have those plastic Beatles instruments.
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Cat  +   1939d ago
Software and clotheswear :)
iceman2929  +   1942d ago | Well said
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CeilingManx  +   1939d ago | Funny
GoW Pumpkin
Need I say more?
snipes1313  +   1939d ago
PS3 Pumpkin
The logo says it all!

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CadeRageous  +   1937d ago
mlop   1939d ago | Spam
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1938d ago
Tricked you all, heres my entry.
Ok first off snipes1313 stole my idea whether its their pic or not lol, and secondly I had never seen any pumpkin with the PlayStation logo before so I drew mine up a few days ago and cut it today, wasn't trying to copy ideas. Also carved the other side of this pumpkin so I am sorry if you can see through it haha (: and to prove its my picture, CHECK OUT ALL MY PAX SWAG!

Good luck everyone!
Ru  +   1937d ago
The Pumpkin is kinda generic but that SWAG makes it look SOOO much better!
Im gonna pick up a pumpkin tomorrow and carve one out just for fun to show you all noobs how easy it is!
CadeRageous  +   1937d ago
Wow! Nice way to "frame" it in greater context. I nominate this to be a WINNER!
MrKingofVideoGames  +   1938d ago
They're pretty orange

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dsddlin   1938d ago | Spam
CadeRageous  +   1937d ago | Funny
Edutainment! (Remember that stuff?)
The tall and squat pumpkins inspired this famous duo entry. Can you guess who they are?
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Mucudadada  +   1937d ago | Funny
Bert and Ernie - BOOM HEADSHOT!

Not gunna lie, Sackboy looks like he is a random creeper watching them in the background, haha!
UNCyrus  +   1936d ago
The candle looks like a tongue in his mouth! hahah
Cat  +   1937d ago
I tried my hand and came up with this - Ratchet pumpkin!! :D

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Mucudadada  +   1937d ago
You win.
lars2thev  +   1936d ago | Well said
Here's my image. Made with photoshop because I'm not a artist with real pumpkins :P
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Ru  +   1936d ago
Living up to my word.
Here Is what I came up with....
Hand Carved!

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TheOnlyMastrx  +   1936d ago
was going to ask what this was but then i scrolled up and saw it in the corner of the page (:
UNCyrus  +   1936d ago
Fine... I'll post it...
On the left - I call him Strongbad with a Kratos mask on
On the right - Traditional Sackboy!

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TMAN  +   1935d ago
Awesome from everyone who entered, they all look great, best of luck to the winner.

When are winners announced?
#24 (Edited 1935d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ru  +   1932d ago
A few hours ago from now! :D

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