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Make Your Halloween Party Rock(Band)!

Cat|2751d ago |Blog Post|43|

UPDATE: Thanks to all our entries, so much fun!! Winners will be announced Friday, October 22.

Want to add some RockBand to your Halloween party? Here's your chance! Harmonix has sent us five of their finest, and what are we if not truly awesome at sharing?

What's at stake:
LEGO RockBand (PS3)
Green Day RockBand (PS3)
RockBand Metal Track Pack (PS3)
The Beatles Rock Band (PS3)
RockBand 2 (PS3)

4 RockBand tees, and enough RockBand buttons and stickers for your whole band!

How to Enter:
- Comment on this Blog with a picture of your best gaming themed Jack-o-Lantern!

How to Win:
- Entries will be judged by N4G staff - we want to see serious devotion to the craft, so be creative!

More Details:
- You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once!
- Don't have a pumpkin to transform? Well, this is the internet, where finding loopholes thrives. Show us some masterful Photochoppery, or MS Painting, or whatever fuels that artistic fire!
- Five winners will be chosen by staff, with the first winner choosing their game first, second second, you know the drill. Winners 1-4 will receive t-shirts. All winners will receive buttons and stickers for their band.
- Games are for PS3, licensed for NA distribution only.
- You have until Midnight (PST) October 20, 2010 to enter. (NOTE: Due to some unexpected N4G downtime, the contest deadline has been extended)
- We want to be sure it's you, and your pumpkin. Give us a clue!
- If you've won a recent monthly N4G contest or other giveaway, you're still eligible to enter this one.

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Ru2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Gimme some Rockband to beat!
Cool Contest Cat!
I actually PhotoShoped a N4G pumpkin a few years back on the forums just for fun!
Its actually really easy and fun to do for a chance at some free games!

BTW I'm partial to Mortal Kombat! ;D
Have fun!

8-bit2751d ago

You just opened a can of worms by allowing photoshop. Photoshop is what I do best, better than any of my other skills and better than anyone I know. I will be back with a submission you better believe.

LordMarius2751d ago

- You have until Midnight (PST) October 19, 2010 to enter.

Thats really short notice for an art project. BTW am I able to enter....

Cat2751d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Gotta judge and make sure the goodies can get to winners before Halloween! :D (yes, you can enter)

JimRome2750d ago

Overnight shipping is too much for a website. Who would have thought.

Regardless, I'm carving Fatman in a pumpkin. Then I'll put it on my porch to scare all the rodents, thieves, and chillen' away.

Myst2751d ago

lol compared to my art class of drawing 2 that's about the same time I was given for an art project. At least Photoshop is available though whereas I had to do all mine by hand :p.

Myst2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Well I guess I'm out, unless a drawing of a pumpkin with an artistic design is okay :) at least on rather large paper (it's sitting in my car so don't have the dimensions but I think it's 11xsomething). Don't have photoshop anymore and I can't carve worth crap [never carved before].

Well good luck to those who enter!

The paper is 18x24 I was way off lol.

sdtarm2751d ago

what is a "Jack-o-Lantern!" :/

Before u start facepalmin, take in mind English =/= First Language

Cat2751d ago

LMGTFY :D It's a carved pumpkin!

RockmanII72751d ago

I was about to ask what lmgtfy meant, but I decided to googled it. I guess I just lmgtfy'd myself :P

being_in_itself2751d ago

JUST did the exact same thing. Hilarious!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.