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Nintendo ~ You Need to Break-Up with EA ~ She's Cheating on You

AKR|1700d ago |Blog Post|16|

Relationships are some of the most bittersweet things known to mankind. Sometimes, if they're going well, they can be the source of some of the most happiest experiences one could ever hope to have. And when they're in a poor condition, they can be filled with misery and strife. One of the worst things that can happen in a relationship is when one party is lying to the other and cheating on them with someone else....and that's what's basically been the case with EA and Nintendo.

In E3 2011 - former EA CEO John Riccitiello took to Nintendo's stage for an exciting presentation; lavishing the Wii U and giving the audience vibrant fantasies of many of EA's big franchises coming to the new system and utilizing the power of the Wii U-Gamepad. Yes, that was an amazing time, as EA looked like it was prepared to be Nintendo's right~hand man. Yes, this notion seemed to have been confirmed when John Riccitiello made the great proclomation of EA and Nintendo having an "unprecedented partnership".

Boy, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

It didn't take long for this "unprecedented partnership" to turn into an unprecedented nightmare. Rumor has it that EA and Nintendo became so close, that at one point, Nintendo asked them to help them develop the online infrastructure of the Wii U - which EA gladly said yes too, if that meant they could power it through their own online-service "Origin." Nintendo responded with an: "Lol Nope" and *BAM* - down the ship went. And the end result:


EA couldn't stand to be told no. So what was their master revenge plan? Choke it. Just go ahead and choke support for the system and look for an excuse not to develop for it. And boy they sure did a good job with that. EA was there for the Wii U's launch - as promised - but their gifts were far from generous. First, two half-baked, quick-&-dirty ports: "FIFA & Madden 13". Featuring missing features, this wonderful sports duo was still priced at $60.

Then there was "Mass Effect 3" - a franchise that was only now turning up on a Nintendo system for the first time ever. It was a pretty decent port, no doubt, but how could Wii U owners enjoy this? It was never on Wii or DS. Well, that didn't bother EA, and they sure made that a fact. How? Well, at the same time they released ME3 on Wii U, they brought ME: Trilogy to all of the OTHER platforms at the same price.

And now finally, the latest (and who knows - last?) game EA brought to the Wii U's table: "Need for Speed Most Wanted U". The guys over at Criterion did an excellent job with this port. They spiced up the visuals and made good use of the Gamepad's features. What was the problem? Well - they released the game over 6 months later than the other versions - AND at full price.

So then, with all that said and done. What does EA do? Well, they continue to announce that they won't be bringing game 'XYZ' to the Wii U. They continue lying about how the Frostbite engine suddenly can't run on the system. They shoot down Crysis 3 from being released on the system and make a fuss about how their games aren't selling, and use all of this as an excuse to justify not bringing any new games. And yet, all of this - just to say:

“We’re not building for Nintendo right now, but we have a tremendous relationship with them and have had a long relationship with them, and should it make sense for us to do so in the future we’ll absolutely roll that into the plan.”

Makes perfect sense, right?

Now it seems that EA has found a new favorite hubby - in the warm, consoling arms of Microsoft. Just like how they pranced up on Nintendo's stage and hyped people up for their new games on the new system - they've done the same thing with Microsoft and the XBOX One. From bringing the exclusive 'Titanfall', as well as announcing that FIFA 14 will be coming free with the XBOX One bundle. How's that for an "unprecedented partnership"?

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Donnieboi1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Can someone explain to me why Nintendo won't just let EA use Origin? Even if it's some policy of there's, can't they just work something out? Microsoft and Sony don't have a problem with it, nor have any problems arisen due to origin being on closed consoles. To simply say Nintendo should break-up with them is to excalate the problem further, instead of meeting in the middle. Isolation isn't thw key here. I know u guys are mad at EA, and I personally hate origin on consoles, pc, and it's phone apps. But if this origin issue can be resolved, than Nintendo should go for it. Burning more bridges won't help, especially with a company like EA who publishes Mass Effect, Dragons Age, Sims, Battlefield, etc.

To say that Nintendo should cut off a 3rd party indefinitely, perpetuates the stigma that Nintendo fans only play Nintendo games. Sony and MS allowed origin, and other similar things like Ubisofts "Uplay", so I Don't see why Nintendo can't reconsider--unless their network security isn't very tight or something.

AKR1700d ago

1.) When I said "break-up" I was only being silly. That was meant as a joke, not to be taken seriously.

2.) It was only a rumor, you know, the whole Origin debacle. It was never proven true...or even false, for that matter. But still - Let's say it is true - Why hasn't EA tried to push Microsoft or Sony to power their online systems with Origin?

3.) I wouldn't say yes either if I was Nintendo. Whatever profit is gained from the online services, would either go completely, or mostly to EA. So Nintendo would basically be getting robbed of profits that's rightfully there's.

4.) Meet in the middle? What has EA done to "meet in the middle"? All they've done is bash, lie, and withdraw. That's not meeting in the middle - that's giving Nintendo the cold shoulder.

SilentNegotiator1699d ago

Please - EVERYONE acted like they were going to give 110% support to Wii U at E3 2011. Then they saw how poorly Nintendo was handling the thing and everyone took a step or two back. Everyone gave Wii U some quick and dirty ports and then looked at Nintendo and saw that they had nothing in the near future to get sales going until they released their next wave of Wii U titles.

Nintendo fanboys need to release their death-grip on the rumor that Nintendo turned down some mean ol' nasty partnership idea that EA had. It's complete hearsay.

PopRocks3591699d ago


It's difficult to say. I would imagine it's because EA wanted something Nintendo was not prepared to give. It supports that age old rumor that EA intended to have Origin be the sole online network for Wii U which, from a console maker's perspective, is not a very effective approach. This would mean trying to put Activision games on the network (as well as any other publishers' games that may not have an interest in Origin) practically impossible.

EA and Nintendo should maintain some sort of agreement. The more games on Wii U the better, even if they have to have Origin. Although in my own experience Origin is a bit of a grievance when I'm trying to play a game on a console on which I already have an account (and in Xbox 360 owners' cases, pay for). Having to make a whole other account just to play a game on a home console is definitely annoying.

Donnieboi1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Origin as the sole network?? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard of! EA is crazy if they think they can do that. And if it isn't true, then the person who made up that rumor is ten times more insane. What in the world...did EA ever have any part in constructing Nintendo's network?

This is crazy. Thanks for answering my question btw.

PopRocks3591699d ago

There was this REALLY long Reddit post back in the day talking about the rumor back before the Wii U was even close to release.

The rumor suggested EA was actually helping Nintendo develop a better online infrastructure and was going to even provide netcode and server assistance. The thing they wanted in return was to essentially make the Wii U an Origin machine. On the one hand, they would have provided a lot of games for Wii U, but on the other, Nintendo obviously didn't want someone else calling the shots on the online for their own console.

All of this is strictly rumor. Never proven or unproven as far as anyone knows or is concerned. Really sketchy stuff to say the least, and yes it definitely is really crazy. I had a disdain for EA long before any of their altercations with Nintendo, and I can tell you that an Origin driven Wii U is one console I never would have purchased.

Donnieboi1699d ago

I wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen-in whenever EA has a fit over the Wii U. I wonder what their problem is. Truly childish if it really is because they wanted to make it an Origin console. It wouldn't surprise me either if EA was the one egging Microsoft on to block used games and force drm. Seems like it's right up EA's alley. Bunch of sneaky cowards in suits imo.

Megaton1699d ago

Consoles have to suffer with Uplay, too? You poor bastards.

Donnieboi1698d ago

Ha ha! Yeah, Uplay is the WORST. They got hacked, forced it into Far Cry 3 mp just so you can level up/get items at a normal pace, etc. Seriously, stuff like Origin and Uplay are stupid. I just want to play games, not be forced to put my info on another website and be part of their lame community/website to throw ads in my face.

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Kevlar0091699d ago

EA is perfectly fine with only making games for MS and Sony. They know making games for Nintendo is a risk, and that as long as they continue what they're doing they will make a profit.

They're afraid to try on the WiiU becausse they don't want to actually invest money and have no one buy the game.

In other terms, they don;t want to go in the water because they're afraid it might be too cold or too hot, want to stay on dry land where it's safe

AKR1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Well if they develop their titles in the same way Criterion did

(a.k.a - actually making a game that utilizes the hardware. That way, people won't mind buying it...*just don't release it so late*)

...Then they wouldn't have too worry about the "water being too hot or too cold". Releasing shoddy ports (Fifa & Madden 13) and rip-offs (ME3) isn't going to grab people's attention. I'm sure if NFS: MW U were released at an earlier time, it would have grabbed more attention - but releasing something 6 months after all the other versions (4 other versions to be exact) - and at full price, isn't going to win many people over.

KrisButtar1698d ago

I'm going to play the bad guy here and say, what if EA is the victim. This rumor of the "Origin Deal" could have fell through because Nintendo wanted a larger profit margin from the deal than originally discussed and EA said no. I'm sure that would leave a bad taste in EA's mouth and could explain why they have bad mouthed Nintendo and said they have no games coming and short changing the games that did come to the WiiU, all could be a way to force Nintendo in accepting the original deal.

Food for thought

El_Colombiano1698d ago

Nintendo responded with an: "Lol Nope"

I laughed harder that I should have

Bobby Kotex1697d ago

These are two of the worst companies in the industry. I'm not sure why anyone was expecting something magical to happen.

R00bot1696d ago

Nintendo is far from one of the "worst companies" in the industry.

EA, yeah.

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