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My Opinion on EA's Bob Summerwill Tweet-Attack

AKR|1915d ago |Blog Post|18|

. . . Adam Orth made history a few months ago, with the infamous "Deal with it" remark he spouted when asked about the supposed always-online functionality that would be in the next-XBOX, a feature that has now been confirmed to be null. Now, yet another high-in-position employee has said something so undeniably stupid, you think they just drank an entire can of "Trollaid" and now they're on full-on rampage.

This time, it's EA Sports' software engineer - Bob Summerwill. Recently, Summerwill logged on to Twitter and went on an all-out Nintendo-dissing rampage, calling the Wii U "crap" and saying things like "Nintendo should have pulled a SEGA and release exclusively to the PS4 and next-XBOX". He also went as far to say that the Wii U is even "less powerful than the XBOX 360."

. . . I'll be honest; this is truly sad. You'd expect this to come from a time-wasting, low-life, has-nothing-better-to-do troll, but not a high-in-position video game company employee - who's not only been in the business for more than a decade - but who also works for a multi-billion dollar company. This is the perfect display of what NOT to do, when you're working on the high wire for such a massive company. You're just asking to get fired. Even more so, it's not like EA, despite it's size, is the most favored company among gamers. After all, these ARE the guys who have the honor of winning the "Worst Company in America" award for the second year in a row.

Summerwill's remarks only further tarnish EA's already bad rep, as well as dirtying his own.

Now don't get me wrong - this is the internet. This is a place where you can say any-and-everything you want about anything in the world, and nobody can tell you that you can't - because this is a place of "freedom of speech." But even so, there's always 'that guy' who has to misuse that privilege and say something that so beyond stupid - it makes you think that if the theory of evolution were actual fact - humans would be *de*volving more than *e*volving.

At the end of the day ~ Summerwill's remarks were nothing short of unprofessional, idiotic, baseless and straight-up immature. I couldn't tell if I was reading the words of a deranged troll or an actual official. When your comments mirror that of some 12 year-old on a XBOX LIVE Call of Duty match - you know something's terribly wrong.

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PopRocks3591915d ago

But he spoke DA TRUTHSSSS. /s

It's amazing how Orth lost his job over this and N4G users are praising this new guy. I'm sure someone out there will tell me "Oh he was right and blah-blah-blah". But really, I'm not convinced. In my view this just strengthens the notion that EA has a bitterness toward Nintendo. I don't see any other devs calling the Wii U "shit/dead." I don't see any other publishers being this unprofessional.

The only ones who had the gall to allow something like this to happen was the one that is rumored to be bitter toward Nintendo. Gee, I wonder why.

dedicatedtogamers1915d ago

People are praising him because they enjoy their opinions being validated by someone in the industry.

What confuses me is why are people believing EA all of the sudden? EA murders franchises. They're worst company in America two years in a row. But now that EA is passing on a Nintendo platform (like they always do, if you look into history), now EA is a great company full of smart people who know what they're talking about?

PopRocks3591915d ago

I really don't think it's that they believe EA (unless there are that many Battlefield fans on this site). When I pointed out that this came off as nothing but bitter, I was told by at least three people how immensely and profoundly wrong I was and had at least three awkward variants of the term "Nintendo fanboy" thrown at me for it.

Whatever. I think whatever the spin, you're on the dime about people enjoying their opinions being validated, even if it is from a scumbag company like EA.

SnakeCQC1914d ago

the people who voted for ea to be the worst company in america are kids pure and simple there are companies that do far worse

-GametimeUK-1914d ago

Agree completely. I saw some of the most idiotic responses to your comment. The guy literally said

"Always online was totally different, hardly no gamer wants there next gen console to be always online."

I think he missed the point completely. The comparison you made is extremely valid since at the very core it was one person being vocal whilst working for a big gaming company. It is no different.

His following sentences were absolutely brilliant. He seemed pro Summerwill and anti Orth yet he said:

"Besides again there his views...not EA's"

Erm... Orth was displaying HIS own views too. WTF?!

I bubbled you up. Personally, I think the pair of them could have been way more professional.

rainslacker1914d ago

There is a difference though. Orth spoke of something which caused a lot of negative publicity to his company, and had people calling for heads to roll based on the very idea, regardless of merit. Even though I'm sure he didn't intend that, it is the nature of social media.

Summerwill is pretty much towing the company line in his posts. EA is just a bit more professional in how they are disregarding the Wii U. Again, people's reaction is because of the nature of social media, not because of some media/community conspiracy...though could be the hate machine at work, but all consoles get that.

@Other posters
Summerwill's opinion is his own, and he is entitled to it, doesn't mean people have to agree with it. But just because they do agree with it doesn't make them fan boys, just means they have a bad opinion of the Wii U for whatever reason, and yes some of those reasons may not be based in reality.

My personal opinion is that the Wii U is not crap, but there are definitely some valid criticisms which I would like to be addressed better by Nintendo.

SilentNegotiator1914d ago

Unlike Orth, he's crapping on his competition, not his customers. And like it or not, his comments aren't exactly false.

PopRocks3591914d ago

Saying the Wii U is shit/dead is hardly factual. Also how is Nintendo his competition? He's part of a publisher, not a competing console manufacturer.

SilentNegotiator1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Because they make games and Nintendo also makes games. And sometimes people buy games over other games.

And the level of literal-ness is debatable in the diction of that comment.

PopRocks3591914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Oh give me a break. EA has published games on Nintendo consoles in the past and could resume that at anytime in the future if they wanted to. That's coexistence, not competition. Sony and Microsoft are the competition, period.

"And the level of literal-ness is debatable in the diction of that comment."

This remark alone is damage control at its finest. Ironic that a week or two ago you were calling people out on Nintendo damage control.

SilentNegotiator1914d ago

Saying that something used as slang is probably being used as slang is not "damage control"

And even if it were, that's
Me doing damage control: 1
You using damage control: 100 with your biweekly damage control blogs.

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Gimmemorebubblez1915d ago

Look the only thing that bothers me about Nintendo is........WHERE DID ALL THE BILLIONS MADE ON THE DS AND WII GO! I hope they didn't waste it on employee perks and new Head-Quaters. Look Ninty definitely had enough money to
a) Make an extremely powerful console
b)Sign 3rd party deals
c)Massive ad. campaign

Tultras1915d ago

Didn't like the blog overall, felt like some sort of hate speech.

On a side note; seems Nintendo is in trouble, it has to do something to bring up third parties, It's already losing EA, Activision dissed Nintendo recently aswell.

ABizzel11914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

As I've said before, what he said was harsh & unprofessional, but there was some truth to it. The Wii-U isn't less powerful than a 360 based on it's GPU, but the RAM set-up is horrible even if there is more. It's default speed is half of the PS3 most of the time and only revs up to equal levels in short burst. The CPU is utter garbage improved (3x - 4.5x) but recycled from the Wii which again was improved (50%) but recycled from the Gamecube.

So is the Wii U flat-out more powerful than the PS360 "No". But thanks to a better GPU it can render better graphics, however, developers have to do workarounds to make up for the slow RAM and awful CPU (which Nintendo had no excuse for).

EA probably won't fire him, because they don't care since they're not making games for Nintendo anymore, and that's because Wii U's aren't selling well and Wii U owners aren't buying ANY games. Their best selling third party game is still under 500k units sold even with a console bundle, and the majority of the rest are under 150k sold.

AKR1914d ago

- The Wii U still has 32mb of edRAM which makes up for the RAM speed.

- Wii U owners ARE buying games. It's just that most of them are late ports, some of which are half-baked. But games like MH3 Ultimate and LEGO CITY: Undercover have attracted reasonable attention

ABizzel11914d ago

- The Wii U still has 32mb of edRAM which makes up for the RAM speed.

It's default speed is half of the PS3 MOST OF THE TIME and only revs up to EQUAL LEVEL IN SHORT BURST.

The extra speed thanks to the eDRAM was exactly the point I was trying to make.

- Wii U owners ARE buying games. It's just that most of them are late ports, some of which are half-baked. But games like MH3 Ultimate and LEGO CITY: Undercover have attracted reasonable attention

Lates ports or not they are still great games:

Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Dragon Quest X, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Need for Speed Most Wanted are all available for the Wii U and all are struggling to reach 150k in sales.

None of those games are half-baked and most even feature all the DLC or enhanced versions for the Wii U especially Need 4 Speed and Tekken.

Even MH3, Lego City, Just Dance 4, and Call of Duty (high profile / previously high selling games) are struggling on the Wii U.

The only two success stories thus far are Nintendo Land and NSMB U.

Nintendo fans aren't buying games.

AKR1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

@ABizzel (#2)

- Why do you think I emphasized the term "late ports"? A lot of these ports are late and were available on older, more established systems months before. Even the ones that were released for on the Wii U just a tad after the other systems, didn't get much attention because many could buy them for a cheaper price on systems they already own. That's why many Wii U games haven't been selling in a plethora. But even so, Capcom has declared that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a success and there haven't been any complaints from TT Games as it relates to Lego City: Undercover. Not to mention popular indie titles on the e-Shop like The Cave, Trine 2, Toki Tori 2 and Chasing Aurora have also been doing well, as well as the V.C releases like Super Metroid, Super Mario World and F-Zero.

Nintendo Land did well due to it being a pack-in with the Deluxe Set and Mario did well because it's Mario. Wii U owners will start buying games when new, fresh, quality content is available- which will be starting in the summer.

ABizzel11914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )


Basically I was trying to prove a point that you've pretty much just confirmed.

Most Wii owners were casual gamers, on top of that Nintendo consoles are generally a second / third console for most core gamers.

Casual gamers have no real desire to play any of those games, and gamers who were multi-console gamers already played the prequels / trilogies of those games.

Which brings me to the point. If most gamers who owned a Wii and a PS3/360 then what's the point of them buying a Wii U besides Nintendo first party moving up to HD with PS360 quality games. If (by your logic and mines) most core Wii owners were multi console owners then the only reason people are buying Wii U's is for potential first party games, because they can still play the majority of 3rd party games on their current console, or a superior version on the upcoming PS4 and Nextbox.

The fact of the matter is the Wii U is in trouble and only has Nintendo fans to back it. The casual gamer has moved on to mobile devices, the mass market Core audience are waiting for the PS4 and Nextbox, leaving only Nintendo fans to pick up the Wii U sales.

So that means 3 things:

1. Nintendo fans are hypocrites and only buy Nintendo games for a Nintendo console.
2. The Wii U has no audience to sell games to since casual gamers and the mass market of core gamers have moved on to other platforms.
3. Both.

The facts state that Nintendo fans are hypocrites, because every generation Nintendo goes through the same thing with lack of 3rd party support and it's all because gamers aren't buying their games, so they stop making/porting them due to lack of sales, smaller install base, and inferior hardware causing downgraded ports.

Here are the best selling 3RD PARTY games on Nintendo consoles throughout their history of gaming.

The best selling core 3rd party game on Wii U is ZombiU with nearly 500k in sales, but it's bundled with the Wii U. The best selling non-bundled 3rd party game is Monster Hunter with around 400k sales. A game which normally averages 1.7 million in sales.

Moving on to the Wii the best is Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga with just over 5 million in sales, which is arguably casual. The first true hands down core game on Wii with the highest sales is Call of Duty 3 with 2.2 million sales on a system with 100 million consoles sold.

Next the Gamecube. Best Sonic Adventure Battle 2 with 2.6 million sold, again arguably casual. The first true hands down core game on GC with the highest sales is Resident Evil 4 1.7 million which is why it was ported to the PS2, Wii, PS3, 360, PC, and mobile.

N64. WCW vs NWO Revenge with 2.4 million.

SNES. Street Fighter 2 & SF2 Turbo with over 10 million.

NES. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4.2 million.

As as facts once again prove the SNES was the last time Nintendo had great 3rd party support. Now I'd rather believe Nintendo fans simply aren't buying 3rd party core games as the trend nearly 17 years proves.

But if you believe they simply don't have an audience outside of Nintendo fans then that's possible as well, and if that's the case then the Wii U is going to sit around 40 million lifetime sales which is more than the Gamecube and N64.