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Outrage! + Skyrim: Impatience Tips

First of all, I noticed that the tabs on our own N4G do not include the PS3. Here is the list of the tabs(in order): All, XB360, Wii U, Wii, PC, Vita, PSP, DS, GDC, and then the + at the end. NOWHERE do I see a tab labeled "PS3". Yet I DO see TWO versions of the PSP and two versions of the Wii. How come they have two versions of the PSP, which originated from the PS3, but they don't have the PS3 itself. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I feel that the XBOX360 and the PS3 are the 2 MOST POPULAR game systems ever. I feel that they are both the #1 most popular game systems, and that they are in a weird sort of clash or battle for the title of #1 game system. Kinda like the colors Red and Blue.

Aside from that, a video game has been DEMOLISHED by it's sequels. The game I am refering to is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2, also know as MW2. About a month or two ago, I put my MW2 disc into my PS3, and then I went online to play. As usual I selected to play Team Deathmatch. Normally a game would start right up, but instead there was BARELY only 1 PERSON THERE! Under the weight of MW3, Black Ops, and now Black Ops 2, MW2 has COMPLETELY crashed.(For more information, see my other blog 'The Fall of MW2' out now!)

Last but not least, my opinion on a PS3 Skyrim scenario. In one of my other blogs, Help in Skyrim, a person commented that no one really plays Skyrim on PS3 anymore because they feel that Bethesda hates PS3. I disagree on the part about Bethesda hating PS3. How I feel about this is that people are negatively responding to Dawngaurd not coming out on PS3 for a VERY long time. But I see it as Bethesda feeling sympathy for XBOX360 players, as they have to pay to play online and because they have to spend money on batteries for their controllers, so Bethesda released Dawngaurd to XBOX360 first so that XBOX360 players have something to be happy about.

I feel that people giving up Skyrim on PS3 because they didn't get Dawngaurd until later is petty. The way I think about Dawngaurd coming out later for the PS3 is that first of all, It increases the suspense, allowing the feel of joy when you DO get Dawngaurd to be massively multiplied. Second, getting Dawngaurd later just means that Bethesda has had more time to work on it, meaning that most likely there will be alot less bugs in the DLC for PS3 than for the XBOX360.

Playing Skyrim on the PS3 is fun. I own Oblivion, the prequel to Skyrim, on XBOX360, and to be truthful, I enjoyed playing Oblivion on XBOX360, and honestly, I wouldn't want to play Oblivion on anything BUT the XBOX360. Why? Because my experience of Oblivion is etched into my mind as it being on the XBOX360. In fact, the only reason I was able to give up Oblivion for Skyrim so quickly is because I did something that is the nightmare of all true gamers: I accidentally erased my best file, a lvl 20-something blue Argonian named Seryis.

He had a nice little shack nere the water in the Imperial City and a beautiful mansion-like home in Anvil.(Btw, Anvil was my favorite town, and the two places I went to the most was the town Anvil and the Imperial City) I was the Champion in the Arena and I was really far in the Fighter's Guild. My largest bounty was 0 and I had REALLY good armor and weapons. I was still stuck on the mission to shut the first gate of oblivion in Kvatch and I loved that file. I had to redeem myself by getting the same stuff with my Orc.

Anyways, I would never play Oblivion on any other system BUT XBOX360, and I would NEVER want to play Skyrim on anything but the PS3. I'm not going to just give up all of my profiles and achievementsfor Skyrim that I had on my PS3 all because I got Dawngaurd later than everybody else. I can imagine that most of the people who rage-quit bought Skyrim for XBOX360, and some even buying an XBOX360 and Skyrim JSUT so they can have Dawngaurd.

I would recommend that, while waiting for Dawngaurd to come out, you make a whole new file and work only on THAT file, so that when Dawngaurd comes out, you can have a file that chose to be a werewolf and a file that chose to be a vampire. Either way, throwing a fit about getting the Dawngaurd DLC later than XBOX360 is petty, buying a new Skyrim game for XBXO360 and a new XBOX360 to go with it just so you can get Dawngaurd is just obsession mixed with brain-dead stupidity, and rage-quiting Skyrim for good is just ridiculous. If you REALLY just CANNOT wait for Dawngaurd, the next paragraph will give you tips on how to pass the time:

1. Explore all of Skyrim. Go into every cave, take over every fort, dominate every bandit tower and/or camps, conquer every Dragon, and learn every shout.
2. Complete ALL of your missions. From every story mission to every seemingly-pointless misc. mission. Do them ALL. If there is a mission that gets you into something you don't want to do, put it aside and do it later if you get bored.
3. Make multiple charactors. This way, you can make a charactor for every occasion. You can make an archer, a mage, a thief, a murderer, a hero, a heavy armor person, a light armor person, a boy, a girl, all sorts of things. But make sure to keep track of all of them. Keep a notebook if you have to.
4. Be sure to have a variety of species. This way, you can explore each one and how they are used best. Maybe you'll find that you REALLY like a species that you never would have even THOUGHT to try.
5. Using multiple charactors, you can make certain charactors to join certain guilds so your main charactor doesn't have to risk it. For example, you can make a Khajiit and have him/her join the Thieves Guild, or you can make a stealthy Argonian and have him/her join the Dark Brotherhood.(See my other blog, Help In Skyrim, to learn how to join the Dark Brotherhood and how to get married) You could also make a Dark Elf and have him/her join the Mages Guild. There are many different possibilities. Be sure to try them all. That's all for this blog. See yah later!

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A7XfangoDeathbat2036d ago

Wow That Picture came out really big O.O
Feel free to comment. In fact, I encourage you to. (Btw, I'm the maker of this blog)

deep_fried_bum_cake2032d ago

"First of all, I noticed that the tabs on our own N4G do not include the PS3"

I don't know if it's just me, but PS3 is the first tab after 'All' on N4G.

RandomGamer2032d ago

Same deal for me as well.

A7XfangoDeathbat2032d ago

It's just you. Or it's just me. 'Cause after All is XB360 for me @[email protected]

execution172031d ago

same for me PS3 is after All

Christopher2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Tabs can be controlled on your end. It's not always the same and really depends on when you signed up for the site.

To manage them, do the following

To Remove a Tab

1. Click the tab you want to remove.
2. Click the thumbnail icon next to the text in the tab
3. In the pop-up panel, click the horizontal thumbnail icon. Once you navigate away from the tab's category, it will no longer show up.

To Add a Tab

1. Click the "+" tab
2. In the pop-up panel, either select one of the options listed or search for your own.
3. On the resulting page, click the thumbnail icon next to the tab. This makes sure it is saved to your cookies.

A7XfangoDeathbat2032d ago

well I didn't know that but know i do....

Godmars2902032d ago

That's funny. I feel like they're part of the most aimlessly contested and crippled console generation ever.

Would like to give reasons why, but the main reason - fnaboyism - is why it would be pointless.

ab5olut10n2031d ago

People hate Bethesda for the memory issues they have with ps3,the late dawngaurd release is just a symptom of that.

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