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Halo 3 Limited Edition Broke My 360

Well, I said that there was an apocalypse coming, but I didn’t think it would be so literal. 

I arrived home at 12:36 a.m. this morning, anxious to pop in my newly aquired Halo 3 Limited edition.  I had heard the rumors about scratched discs, so I made sure to check my game disc before I left the EB premises.  To my glee, the disc was still attached on its peg, safe and sound, with no scratches. 

I had been playing Catan before I left, so the 360 was on when I got home.  I opened the disc tray and popped in the game.  Just as the disc started to spin, it began to make a horrible noise that can only be described as grinding sound, as if the mechanism that spins the game was breaking.  I reopened the disc tray, checked the disc for scratches, and tried again, with the same painful result.

I then decided to try Gears of War, to test to see if it was the console.  The good news was that it didn’t make the horrid grinding sound anymore.  The bad news was that the disc didn’t spin at all, and I got a “Disc Unreadable” error.  What?!?!  Now no disc that I put in spins or plays, and I get “Disc Unreadable” every time. 

I tried letting the 360 cool down, restarting it, and removing the hard drive, but it was all for naught.  This disc tray worked up until I put Halo 3 in.  Bioshock played fine.  But tonight for some reason a sick joke is being played on me by the console gods.  Is it just coincidence, or is there something to all the Limited Edition rumors?

I don’t know, but in the mean time, it looks like I’m going to have to send my 360 in for repair, with a four week waiting time for it to return. 

 Halo Launch: officially ruined.

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pandabear3827d ago

lol - sorry but that was an amusing read, I know I'd be crying though if it was me. Good luck mate.

mikeyp3827d ago

ouch...hopefully that wont happen to me later on when I get it tomorrow!

iMad3827d ago

japanese company SONY can't lose with dignity.
See more bad stories about 360's in the future.

If i would be SONY and losing my market away, i'would like to use every oportunity to low Microsoft sales down.

Microsoft never uses black PR.

nnips3826d ago

I went through 2 CE disk and 2 reg disk. I get the same error. All other games work fine though. Have even played Halo 2 xbox live. My problem is hit or miss, as it has worked on match making once and even logged into xbox live once. Most of the time it loads up the map and says disk is unreadable.

tojoko3825d ago

I had very similar experience. After reaching the second cutscene, the drive started to make unbelievable noise. I couldn't eject the disk so I had to shut down the whole console before I was able to get the disc out. After that, no game has worked (tried 2 in addition to Halo 3). The drive continues to make that awful noise. I dunno whether it was the Halo 3 limited edition that broke the drive or just bad luck, but it's interesting somebody else has had the same problem.