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How I Became a FINALIST (I'm the Sackboy) in Amazon's Costume Contest!

936d ago ... (To vote for my costume as a Grand Finalist): http://tinyurl.com/b9flmwv --- So a few years back, I saw a big box and decided I would do something special for Halloween. I never thought I'd be very ambitious with any sort of costume or project, given that I had no prior experience with sewing, constructing, or any real type of cosplay or art project. Fueled by my love for Sackboy an...

A Tribute to "Shadow of the Colossus"

1357d ago ... It wasn't Mario or Sonic or any of the classics that got me serious about gaming. No, it was particularly two titles in the past decade for PlayStation 2 that made me realize that video games are as legit and weighty as any other medium of expression. Sure, the percentage of games that hold up as "art" or have the ability to change someone, their outlook on things or how they question or...
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