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Diablo III and the Future of Single Player Games

1009d ago ... One of the most anticipated games of the decade Diablo III is released, almost 10 years after its predecessor but it carried a sort of a restriction, one that requires users to be perpetually connected to the internet if they wanted to explore the hellish dungeons or slay the demon overlords in Diablo III. Many a user has complained about DRM that has been implemented in several PC games. Assas...

Why the Xbox 720 and the PS4 will not release soon

1449d ago ... Many rumours have been circulating about the imminent unveiling of the next Xbox console. A certain rumour even stated that EA have received prototypes for the next Xbox console, but EA have strongly denied these rumours. With Sony looking to let the PS3 have a 10 year life-cycle, it leaves me wondering about the next-gen consoles. Here are a few reasons why I think a new PS/Xbox console will...
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