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"Manic Mega Driving"

The Manic Mega Drive: Episode 4 - Dinosaur Divinity of Illusion

696d ago ... Well I guess since N4g's blog section is so sparce I should give it some more content. In this episode we kick it up a couple more notches. You'll notice minor watchability improvements as I push my editing program slightly more. This episode does have poorly drawn genesis boobs. Fair warning. Extremely minor and definitely not all what this show is about but folks should be warned. Stop wa...

The manic megadrive: Episode 3 - Desert Devil's Advocate Playing Golf

700d ago ... Well I dunno if you folks have much of a taste for retro game playthroughs but i'm trying to make a series out of playing every genesis game ever made. 3 an episode 7 minutes each. This episode: -Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf -Devil Crash -Devil's Course

Time To Admit It, Wii Is Actually Pretty Awesome

1559d ago ... If there has ever been an scapegoat in any gaming generation it's the wii. Poked prodded and ridiculed it has been the butt of jokes since it came out. Years and years of whining later I think peoples attitude to the modest gaming console is much more tainted then it deserves. Why exactly do people hate this system so much? It it borderline insane. Yeah it doesn't support 1080p super hd vide...

Game History 101: True story of The Playstation and why Nintendo deserves some Cred.

1817d ago ... Shazzyone Learns you on a bit gaming history. In hope for a brighter future for his kind.

Was The Conduit Wii's Halo? [Final Verdict]

1872d ago ... How did the anticipated shooter fair when compared to the monster of FPS gaming? Find out in my Conclusion to this topic.

People who write "who won E3" articles are tools

1899d ago ... I swear to god... the one who posts the next one needs a foot up their....

A Theory for Nintendos Suckage at E3 2008

1904d ago ... Does Nintendo have an excuse... I propose a firm maybe...

N4G admin.... Please... No More Talking Banners.

1926d ago ... I hate talking banners and they need to be removed from this site.

Can The Conduit be Wii's Halo?

2034d ago ... I delve deep into what the conduit means for the hardcore gamer and the legacy of the FPS genre. Can High Voltage deliver? Or will it be added to the list of shovelware? My Second blog. Will I continue? Time will tell.

Will RE5 be a big stinker?

2060d ago ... I show my unfortunate interpretation of the xplay interviews and gameplay footage aired on Wednesday 12/17. Could RE5 kinda suck in the next gen?
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