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Animation is a Storyteller in its Own Right

1119d ago ... Today, when we think about telling a story in a game, we often think of voices. Characters talking with each other and in doing pushing the story toward its inevitable end. Then, we might consider text, some stories have no voices, simply words that tell us the current state of the story. They to move along a story. Some games incorporate both, but no matter the way, they all have the common go...

Publishers go Hand in Hand with Stockholders, Unfortunately

1129d ago ... Let me tell you about publishers, from what little I know, they are the corporate giants that provide the funds necessary for developers to make triple-A games. They only know what makes themselves money in the gaming industry. When you're dealing with games that cost millions upon millions of dollars to make, you need to get that money from somewhere, or rather, someone. Publishers, as I'm sur...

The Age-Old Silent Protagonist

1142d ago ... It's the character that is an automaton, the character that is there to be worn like a puppet and dragged around from place to place because the other characters in the game say so. I think developers still use the silent protagonist because they think, on some level, that it makes the player feel like the protagonist. However, it only serves to make the story feel that much less believable, an...

All Guns Blazing in Watch Dogs

1144d ago ... We've all seen the Ubisoft E3 reveal of Watch Dogs, and if you haven't, I don't know what you are doing with your time. Either way, everything about it was magnificent. It was an unheard of game with a completely original game concept. Aiden Pierce, the one they played as in the demo, can theoretically control any electronics in the city? I say theoretically because I know only as much as the d...

Lack of Story Development in Shooters

1144d ago ... In the world of FPS games, great multiplayer is a must. If a game doesn't compare to Battlefield or Call of Duty, many will simply ignore it. But with multiplayer being so important, the emphasis on great singleplayer had dropped significantly. To the point where I'd have trouble pointing out a good story in an FPS game. Of course, I only mean in recent games. Consider Half-Life 2, the FPS to r...
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