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"Mess with the bull.. You get the horns!"

Play Sega discovery

1941d ago ... Recently, I went on to check what is new and what is going on and I stumbled across an interesting page called Play Sega. Addresses are either or "" in the United Kingdom Basically Play Sega is about simply playing a wide range of Classic Sega Mega Drive I or II games. Those games require Java installed on your PC to run. There is more information a...

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon officially announced

2009d ago ... Few days ago my friend told me to checkout the new Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. to be honest I was very surprised because it was too sudden and personally I am a big fan of the Ace Combat franchise. The new Ace Combat will be released sometime next year in 2011 On the Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360. Ace Combat have once again appears on the Playstation 3 after AC 6 being exclusive with 360....
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