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Bubble Reset

852d ago ... As some of you have already noticed all members have been reset to 5 or more bubbles. When the next site update goes live in the not too distant future there will be a completely new comment system replacing the bubble system. So we have for several reasons decided to now do this change to the current system. One being that it will give us useful data when it comes to the upcoming site update,...

N4G Co-Founds Game Company Bifrost Entertainment

1198d ago ... We are proud to be part of Bifrost Entertainment http://bifrostent.com , a new game company that we have Co-Founded together with StrongManGames http://www.strongmangames.co.uk/ as well as a group of talented people here in Norway. We have just released our first project Maja and The Magical Mirror which is an interactive children’s book. Unfortunately it is...

New Site Update

1804d ago ... It’s once again time for another site update. Today we uploaded some changes to the site’s navigation as well as adding a few new site features. There are about 1000 stories added to N4G each day, and since only so many can reach the front page there are tons of interesting stories getting buried away in some dark deserted corner of N4G. The navigation we had did not do a very good job of enc...

Bubble Update

1877d ago ... We have made some adjustments to the bubble system based on the data we have collected since we launched the new N4G. We have reduced the voting power from users with normal and low trust rank and increased the voting power from users with high trust rank. You cannot see your own trust rank and a low trust rank will not prevent you from using the site. Trust rank only decides how the system wil...

New N4G site and Newsboiler network goes live

1982d ago ... Welcome to the brand new N4G website. What you see in front of you is something we have been working on for some time now and it feels good to finally be able to show you all what we have been working on for the past 18 months. I also like to apologize for the few extra days we had to keep N4G closed. We ran into some unexpected difficulties after importing the old N4G that prevented us from op...
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